_ You know why the English are so punctual and the Brazilians always late?

(silence etc.. and such)

This is the invention of the “portable clock”.

Become the “owner of time” has been a revolution in Europe.

But these watches were expensive and many men wore only a bright stream crossed from one pocket to another vest just to make everyone think they have money to buy the coveted new.

In England, once the possession of a watch became a status symbol of affluence, and started to be a shame someone does not have one.

Therefore, if a gentleman came ahead or behind some compromise, it was certain that the snobs would look at him with that air of one who is thinking:

“Hmm .. that there is nothing but a pauper … not have a watch!”.

_ And the Brazilians (and Italians, Spanish, French, etc) are always late?

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