yes, I do write in a little black notebook.
It that what makes me an older blogger?
Or is it just about aging?
Well, I’ll leave this to the people making the survey 😉

Take a look at what was founded out:

2. Who answered our Older Bloggers Survey?

Somehow I think aging is about experience and learning from it all. So, is a positive thing.. right? I do think so, regarding all non-physical things of course.

Rachel McAlpine writes in a interesting form, clear views and opinion.
I like the way aging is described as an everyday house keeping of ourselves.
I want to share what I read on her blog, but I won’t copy it here. Just go to her blog to see it all, that’s the right way to do.

The older bloggers survey 2018

I ask my daughter everyday after school:
_ What cool thing happened today?
_ What you enjoyed most about today?
_ What is the best thing that happened to you today? And the funniest?
I do this to train her in wrapping the day around good things.
And, when something not good happens, think about what can be done better the next day and move on.

Just be happy for a moment.. for a day..
Life goes go..


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