Champagne Day is every day!! (If you think differently we can’t be friends😉)
Today is a special one.
Today is International Champagne Day!!
Yes, it’s a real thing!🍾

If you need a excuse to drink Champagne, grab this one! Have a good time. Enjoy your bubbly sparkling wine from Champagne, in France.

I probably can live without a fancy car. I don’t need a expensive closet. But a bottle of Champagne in my fridge.. is a necessity.

I can’t see myself without Champagne. It’s one of the guilty pleasures in my life.

Champagne has so many different styles.. you’ll find one that suits your palate. And you can have great fun trying..

Champagne is the kind of wine that can pair well with a wild range of food. From the welcome appetizers to desserts, there is Champagne well paired.

Salted crusted leg of lamb and Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose

You can’t go wrong with Champagne!

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