What Megavino 2012 is about..??

Megavino 2012

..surprises, with Austria as a main host!

Well ..to be honest.. this is not actually a surprise itself. Let me tell you why:

Austrian wine has recently been very hip and trendy, the export figures doubled in just 5 years. Austria in area and production is a small wine country. It employs about 46,000 ha of vineyards, with an annual production of 2.5 million hectoliters, or less than 1% of world production. These numbers puts Austria on the 18th place in the wine world, with a relatively small vineyard shared by more than 20,000 wine producers. And that means that the average area per area by 2.26 ha is particularly low.

The vineyards extend over four wine regions:

  • Niederosterreich is by far the largest area of ​​27,128 ha of vineyards
  • Burgenland (13,840 ha)
  • Styria (4,240 ha)
  • Vienna (612 ha).

Within these four regions we are still 16 demarcated wine regions with DAC (Districtus Austriae Controllatus), their version of wild known DOCs or AOCs.

Austria, nowadays, is known by their high quality and specific wine style.

The diversity of grape varieties is remarkable with no less than 35! And though Austria is by definition a white wine country, in the past 10 years red wine and rose has grown in importance (today is 2/3 white and 1/3 red).

The absolute star of Austrian Wines in white is the Grüner Veltliner, representing almost half of the white grapes planted. Followed by Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Weissburgunder (or Pinot Blanc) and Muskateller. In red Zweigelt leads the peloton, followed by far by Blaufränkisch and Blauer Portugieser. Also not to be forgotten are the Pinot Noir and Sankt Laurent (in small percentage).

Let me tell you that what makes Austria a fascinating wine country is that large number of producers, which one with different Terroir and planting different grapes. Is hard to find another wine country with such variety and high quality together. Do not surprise me that Austria has the strictest regulations in the world of wine!

MORE INFO..  AUSTRIAN WINE:    www.winesfromaustria.com

A record number of countries representatives, this year on Megavino, with more than 300 exhibitors from 30 different wine countries.

Italy is the second largest country in Megavino, with a huge pavillon from Sicily, regional pavilions from Aosta and Piedmont. Fot the first time, wine producers from Asti, Tuscany ,including a strong delegation of Pisa, and a large one from Puglia.

Spain is traditionally a obligatory stop for major importers, with Navarra as its star wine region.

France may not be a host this year, but still remain Belgian southern neighbors and one of the largest participants in Megavino. France boasts a real village in a beautiful pavilion where regions as Bordeaux and Beaujolais, in a gigantic “trial theater” present their attractions. New this year -> 17 different commented tasting, showing over 200 wines, for you to attend.

Countries like Argentina, two times as big as last year, Chile, California, South Africa, Brazil, Germany and Luxembourg are back in Megavino.

Not to mention the lovely “Night of the Luxembourg Crémants’ on the opening night.

New countries? Yes! For the first time present at Megavino are Mexico, Canada and Slovenia, a wine country that is particularly on the rise. All together with more than 50 different workshops, demos and commented tastings in our 4 showrooms.

After three years MegaSpirits is back at the exhibition! As a little brother it has significantly expanded. Numerous Whisky producers represented as well as Cognac, Armagnac, Marc and others distillates. If you’re looking for something for exotic, you can run over Rum, Tequila, Vodka and, of course, Cocktails J

You can figure out that Megavino this year is heading a very extensive and varied program.

See you there!!

Megavino 2012, from October 19th to 22th, Paleis 3, Brussels Expo

To know more.. http://www.megavino.be

Is all about iPhone5 today..??

Apple Press Conference from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, 12 Sep 2012
I followed via Twitter and a couple of LifeBlogs, and hereby the summary of the most expected meeting since iPhone4S. 
Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, announces the iPhone 5:
“Thinnest iPhone ever made. 18% thinner (7.6mm) and 20% lighter (112grams) than 4S. Made entirelly of glass and aluminum.”
“With the vertical pixels you see more of the web, more of your email. Your Calendar shows more events.”
The new display has 44% more color saturation than the 4S display. “the most accurate display in the industry.”
Is the same retina display, 326 pixels per inch, as its predecessor.
The new iPhone has 4 inch display;  1136 x 640, 19:6 aspect ratio.
Colour accuracy is a big deal, since an increasing number of photographers are using the iPhone and accessories for some of their video and photo work.
“One of the amazing things about iPhone 5 is we built-in an anti-gravitational array; that means it weighs 0.” , says Tim Cook. Well…. I won’t comment on that 🙂
*  ultrafast wireless _ LTE is a single chip, a single radio, a dynamic antenna that can switch between networks.  HSPA+ and DC-HSDPA are also built in.
“LTE is the most complicated technology ever brought to this Earth.” says Schiller.
802.11n 5 Ghz built in for wifi, up to 150 mbps of speed.
*  Now on to the really geeky stuff –>  the Apple A6 chip. 2x faster CPU, and 22% smaller. Loading a music app is 2x faster with the new chip, says Schiller.
_ note from the Blogger -> Well, T-Mobile has no 4G plan. I don’t blame them for focusing on carriers who are actually investing in future infrastructure.
* Baterry Life:
10 hours on wifi,  8 hours with LTE
That’s still excellent — Apple tends to meet the battery metrics it touts, so if I can really get 8 hours of LTE usage, I’m going to be very happy. That’s a workday. Finally.
* Photos/ Camera:
   The camera. 8 megapixel, 2364×2448 resolution <- “all the things you love about the iPhone 4S, in a camera 25% smaller”.
Dynamic low light mode gives you better pictures without flash.
“The team is measuring lenses down to the micron level … sapphire crystal protects your lens.”  Spatial noise reduction, smart filter … bottom line, pics should look better and be captured 40% faster.
Photos in iOS6 can be automatically shared with family /friends who comment in real time
(?? Instagram rival ??)
Panorama is a new feature that allows you to take massive widescreen features. A panoramic shot with the iPhone 5 will be 28-megapixels, that’s huge! 
_note from the blogger: 
1.  Low-light is definitely an area where the iPhone camera needed some help.
2.  Apple’s biggest competition when it comes to camera tech is Nokia. Nokia is the only company in the industry that actually has better tech than Apple when it comes to cameras.
3.   The photostream sharing in iOS 6 is great. It’s not an Instagram rival at all — but it puts things like Bump and Glassboard in a lurch.
*  FaceTime over cellular <-  That’s big!! ..if the carriers will let you do it, of course 😉 
“We now have 3 mics built in to the iPhone”: one mic on the front, one on the bottom, one on the back.
Important for Siri and other apps, they got the speakers into a space that’s 20% smaller.
The earpiece has more noise cancellation.
Wideband audio is a new technology that should help voice calls sound more natural. “We’re just starting this.”
_note from the blogger:
1.  Keep in mind, FaceTime over cellular will be free for some carriers, others such as aT&T are going to charge extra 😦
*  The conector:
ByeBye iPod audio connector. “So much has changed since we first created that.” , says Scott Forestal, “it’s time for the connector to evolve, and that’s just what we’ve done.”  
The new connector is called Lightning, and it’s a reversible connector. Doesn’t matter which way you plug it in.
(Thunderbolt and lightening, very, very frightening.)
The new connector is 80% smaller. Bose, JBL, Bang and Oulefson are working on new devices. We’re creating a bunch of accessories — a 30-pin to Lightening adapter. “Just leave it in your car.”
* iOS 6 was “designed from the very beginning” to take advantage of the iPhone 5. 
* “We’ll start off with our new Maps app, built from the ground up.”
(ByeBye  Google…)
100 million points of interest are built in.
Info cards on businesses made with Yelp partnership. and there’s the familiar mechanical Tom Tom voice giving you directions.
Tap on the button with 3D buildings in satellite mode, and you can fly around the scene. Apple is licensing Tom Tom’s turn-by-turn tech.
Two-finger swiping changes the camera direction. London looks like a video game.
The new Maps also integrates data from Waze (yes, that little APP we love so much!), adding real-time traffic information.
Notification center now.
Scott demonstrates tweeting from the Maps app.
And, (wow!)  it has a “Print” option displayed prominently.
_ Note from the Blogger: 
1.  Maps does look very cool, but as with no other app, the proof will be in using it day in, day out. Probably will pass.
*  Passbook seems to have added a few animations when scrolling through coupons. Tap the trash icon on a ticket you’ve used, and an animated shredding takes place. sharing photos on the photo stream now. Friends will receive push notifications. You and your friends can comment and “Like” on shared photos.
_ Note from the Blogger:
1.  It may not be Instagram, but it’s damn close. 
2.  We’ve seen most of this before, but there are more emphasis on the little details and finishes.
*  Siri will do tons of things for you:
_ gives the NFL standings (.. and yes..  she can now launch apps)
_ will recommend movies based on Rotten Tomatoes.
_ ‘ll book restaurant tables for you — just tap the time you’d like to reserve. Powered by OpenTable.
_ will now post to Facebook for you.
_ “Now you can make a Facetime call from the cellular data network.”
WAIT.. Should be a big asterisk on that one …”We’ve integrated Facebook into many of the apps throughout the OS.”
(Schiller is back) 
“the team has packed in innovation at every level of the design.” iPhone 5 comes in this beautiful black design.. and in white.
“We don’t just want to make a new phone. We want to make a much better phone. It’s completely redesigned.” – Ive
“the thinnest, lightest iphone we’ve ever built …” that’s the mantra for today..
“LTE can be faster than the fastest wifi at home,” says Bob Mansfield. Emphasis on “can.”
“The A6 chip is so power efficient, it gives you increased performance and uses less battery life.” 
_Note from teh Blogger:
1.  So Apple is doing its best to push the features of the new iPhone 5 in this video. It’s clearly a solid piece of work. But is it enough?
2.  One thing about the iPhone 5 -> it’s very shiny around those edges. Almost Tron-like.
** Price in USA:
_  iPhone5: $199 for 16GB up to $399 for 64GB.
_  iPhone 4S: will be $99
_  Pre order on Friday. Ship one week later, Sept 21 (US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, all on the 21st)
100 countries, 240 carriers by the end of the year — “our fastest phone rollout ever.”  
_ iOS6 will launch September 19! Schiller says , iOS6 will work on all phones and tablets back to the 3GS.
(really..?? how good it will work..??)
_ Note from the blogger:
1.  Looks like the 3GS is no more #iPhone5 –> RIP 3GS
* “Today we’re announcing some exciting changes with iPod and iTunes.” says Eddie Cue. And here’s the new iTunes store on the iPad, with more stuff showcased on the top.
They have integrated Facebook Likes into the iTunes store. That’s huge! 200 million customers using iTunes in the cloud. 
A brand new version of iTunes, dramatically simpler, with the cloud build in.
The new iTunes and App Stores also look great — they’ve used Chomp, tan app reccomendation company they bought last year, to display info.
It has a beautiful new edge to edge design.
Click on an album, it expands in place.
Click Gallery, and you can see photos artists have shared with you.
And yes, the familiar song list view is there.
 Playlists are hidden on the left side until you want them. You can see your entire library and contents of your playlist at the same time, drag and drop songs and albums into the playlists, which pop up automatically when you start dragging.
A new feature called “Up Next” that lets you see the queue of songs about to play, and to rearrange them.
“we’ve also improved search.” As in, autocomplete suggestions. Click on them to go right to that song/album.
There’s a completely redesigned mini-player. Controls hidden until you roll over them.and a search button built in to the mini player.
(Awesome!) Concerts have been added to the Artist pages.
New iTunes available in “late October.” 
_ Note from the blogger:
1.  The new iTunes looks nearly identical to the music player on the iPad, but with fewer skemorphisms in the design. 
2.  The big question about the new iTunes, of course, is how light and fast it is. Especially on PCs
3.  It looks like the new iTunes will eliminate the need for a lot of the mini-player apps like Ecoute and Coversutra.
* 350 million iPods sold in total; “we add millions and millions every quarter.”
“We really wanted to take the opportunity to reinvent the Nano.” 
The new, 7th generation iPod Nano. A teeny tiny device in the hand, 40% thinner than its predecessor.
A really large display, easy to use controls, thin and light … and a lightning connector. the volume controls take up about half the side of the gadget. 2.5 inch display, the biggest ever in the Nano — and it’s multitouch. and of course, different colors — 7 in total. green, blue, yellow, red …
The FM tuner now has TiVO-like functionality .. you can pause live radio.
It has widescreen video, too (quite cool for a Nano!) and Bluetooth!! <–That’s a pretty big deal in a tiny gadget.
The longest battery life in a Nano,  30 hours of playback.
_ Note from the blogger:
1.   Remember?? ..he fourth generation nano, which had a video camera — also had widescreen video.
2.   Seriously Apple, just pick a darn Nano form-factor and stick with it!
3.   Tim says the iPod touch is the world’s most popular gaming device. He’s not wrong, especially when you consider the parity between games on iOS and even the PS Vita.
*  The iPod Touch, “the world’s most popular music player … and most popular game player.” 5th generation iPod touch.
Same height as the new iPhone 5, only 6.1mm thin and 88 Grams- almost as thin as the Nano- headphone jack on the bottom.
That’s something they didn’t tout with the iPhone 5.
the Retina display is now in the iPod Touch.
New iPod Touch has seven times the graphic performance, which is great for game players.
40 hours of music playback, 8 hours of video on the new iPod Touch battery.
iSight camera is going to be built into the Touch for the first time. It’s 5 megapixel, with autofocus, flash and Sapphire lens. iPod Touch gets the cool Panorama feature too. And the shared photo streams. 
WAIT -> What’s that circle on the back of the iPod touch, at the bottom? Push it and it pops up. You can attach a loop … and hey presto, you can attach a camera strap to the back of the Touch. (Pretty neat!) 
–> So this could be a great digital camera for kids!!  <–
The Touch gets 1080p video camera, too. And you can do your video editing on it, not to mention FaceTime.
AND Siri… on the iPod Touch (wow) !! 
Colours:  black, white, blue, yellow, red. And each one comes with its own color coordinated camera loop. 
The Shuffle gets a color update to match the Nano.
EarPods = headphones with little speakers on the side, basically. We’re getting a video demo of them, with Jony Ive narration.
“we’ve spent 3 years designing an entirely new headphone … EarPods.” (new EarPods look like little periscopes)
“We scanned hundreds of ears, looking for a commonality …” – Jony Ive –
“EarPods are designed to intentionally direct sound, right into the ear …” sound ports built into the stem, too.
“and of course, we want to make them available as soon as possible … today.” (!) 
–> yes, they’ll ship with the new Touch and the iPhone5.
**  Prices in USA:
–  the new Nano is $149, the old Touch is $199 for 16GB, 32GB for 32GB 
–  the new Touch is $299 and $399 for the same memory sizes.
–  the new Touch is coming up in October. And all of these models are available in fire engine red, a tie-in with the “Red” campaign.
“What places Apple way ahead of the competition is how well these products work together.” — Tim Cook
“Apple has never been stronger,” Cook enthuses. Employees “are doing the best work of their lives.”
“Whenever we have a music event, we like to remind our customers why we do …”
it’s a musical guest : Foo Fighters tracks are now on the Spotify Playlist for those listening along a home open.spotify.com
Half of the audience is applauding the Foo Fighters while the other half nodding along while typing furiously 🙂
Well.. that you can tell by the Twitter bust on #iPhone5 ..hehehe
_  Final note from the blogger:
*  cool surprises in there, like the dual-band WiFi.. but ..This is the first Apple press event where I haven’t thought, “Wow, all the other companies will be scrambling to catch up”
_ Final comments:
*  The iPhone 5 isn’t really being judged against its rivals, but more against its former self, iPhone 4 ..as aways 😉
_ Best Twitter comment:
*  Give me the future like you did with the first iPhone! Release a phone that nobody will be able to match within 4 years!
_ More?
*  5 Hilarious Tim Cook and Phil Schiller Quotes During the Apple iPhone 5 Keynote , via BlackBerry Cool – http://bit.ly/OhqWmz
*  iPhone5 compared (chart) with competition, via Mashable – http://on.mash.to/UKHVCq
*  http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-19572820

Hopefully Apple will tells us what iPhone and the MacBook Retina are all about today..

It’s the 12th September.
Will Apple share with us today what iPhone 5 and the new Retina MacBook 13′ are all about ..??
Apple will announce it beginning at 6pm (GMT), 7pm in The Netherlands, 2pm in Brazil.
Twitter is full of jockes about the new announcement and Stve Jobs holograms à la Star Wars movie.

Well, MacHeads all of the Globe can’t wait for iPhone to come out and play-by-play commentary as the event unfolds will be followed by millions of Twitters this evening. I’ll probably be one of those.. Hehehe

To be honest, I’m much more excited about the new Retina MacBook 13′ to be reveled..
.. and hoping for longer-better life for batteries in iPhones.

Want More..??
– Best places to sell an old iPhone, via Time.com



So far the best thing I read about the iPhone5 came via Twitter this morning:
“@funnyorfact: The iPhone 5 better be waterproof, fireproof, crack proof, dirt proof, bulletproof, and be able to charge itself and cook for me. #iPhone5”

I’d add one->;;; it better uncork bottles of wine as well 😉


Marriage drives women to drink!

from Twitter @teamdb
It’s official – Marriage drives women to drink!
check it out:
#winetalkgroup ladies already knew that 🙂

A new study has found that men are likely to drink less when they marry, but married women tend to increase their alcohol intake.

A team led by Corinne Reczek, assistant professor in sociology at the University of Cincinnati, analysed data collected over a 47-year period from 5,000 Wisconsin residents who graduated from high school in 1957.

The study also examined how drinking habits are affected by divorce, finding that men in this situation begin drinking more, while women will reduce their alcohol intake.

According to the study, married women consumed an average of 9 alcoholic drinks per month, compare to 6.5 drinks for those who were divorced. Married men averaged 19.2 drinks per month, compared to the 21.5 consumed by their divorced counterparts.

Regardless of their marital status, the report found that men drink more than women, suggesting that the shift in alcohol intake after marriage means that couples tend to align their drinking habits more closely.

Offering a conclusion for its findings, the team summed up: “Our qualitative results suggest this occurs because men introduce and prompt women’s drinking, and because divorced women lose the influence of men’s alcohol use upon dissolution.”

22nd August, 2012 by Gabriel Savage          thedrinksbusiness.com © 2012

Champagne growing season ‘worst in decades’

From ©Decanter.com (Thursday 16 August 2012) by Giles Fallowfield

Champagne has had the worst growing season for several decades and the prospects for the 2012 harvest look increasingly bleak.

Even with improved weather in the run-up to harvest, expected to start around 20 September, yields will be significantly down on recent years with frost, hail, protracted and uneven flowering and problems with disease all having an adverse effect.

Frosts in mid-April destroyed nearly 10% of the appellation’s crop, with losses as high as 40% in some areas.

A severe hailstorm in early June in the Cote des Bar affected nearly 1,000 hectares of vineyard, with some producers losing everything and the damage estimated to have cut the 2013 harvest by one-third as well.

‘We have had frost and hail, while poor weather during flowering when it was cold and wet meant that took place over four weeks [instead of just a few days], resulting in a very poor fruit set and millerandage,” said Benoit Gouez, chef de cave at Moet & Chandon.

‘Milder, wet weather more recently has resulted in disease problems, particularly with oidium on the Chardonnay and mildew on Pinot Noir and Meunier. It’s not been a good year for the growers.’

‘We have had a terrible season with an awful climate from April to mid-July,’ said Benoit Marguet of Marguet Pere & Fils, a small producer in Ambonnay.

‘After frost in April, yields were down 20% and since then the rain has never really stopped. It’s been seven days a week work in the vineyard, fighting against mildew and powdery mildew.

‘We have probably lost at least 40% of the grapes – it’s been the worst weather season in Champagne for several decades.’

Both Marguet and Gouez agree, however, that good weather in the coming weeks could still see some healthy grapes produced.

Dominique Moncomble, director of technical services at the CIVC (Comite Interprofessionel du Vin de Champagne), described the season as ‘unprecedented’, adding that average yields would be down 30%, but that harvest quality was ‘not yet compromised’.


WWDC 2012 – This is not about wine..

This year’s keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference is expected to bring some major announcements. I followed the 23rd WWDC2012 Keynote on Twitter and on a couple of LiveBlogs (all cited at the end). Hereby are my notes and comments.

Bloggers need technology to write, and I’m no exception. You can blame on my Engineer background, I don’t care, I can’t get sick of HighTech gadgets. And nothing could show it best than the expectation around the 23rd Apple’s World Wilde Developers Conference, WWDC.

Yes, is still awkward not hear Steve Jobs announcing beautiful gizmos futuristic features.

Nevertheless, the 5000 WWDC offered tickets sold out in a incredible 1h and 43min (last year took 10h). Apple do not pre-announce when tickets are sold, so people pay close attention to get one before they sell out. Sold for US$1599 each (in 2011 and 12) they’re non-transferable now, so no scalpers selling them for several thousand dollars as last year on eBay. Also new this year, Apple lowered the age requirement for attendance from 18 years old to 13! It doesn’t justify the frenzy in the waiting hours nor the audience cheering and lusting after a new device, as there were more than 1000 Apple Engineers and many other developers over 18yo at the developer conference today.

This year’s keynote at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference was expected to bring some major announcements. The new MacBook Pro is super thin, slick, neat and has big battery! It was built to an entirely new approach the amazing new display, and quieter! To be honest, I’m impressed how everything went well today. Apple boys handled pretty good in there showing off its new-generation MacBooks and the iOS 6 as the best mobile operating system. Not to mention a new Maps app and Facebook integration.

Yeah.. In spite of the few surprises and nothing to say about Apple TV, GPS as we know it is done and Google will be sleepless for a good time now on. Sounds like quite a big deal to me.

App Store in numbers, reveled by Tim Cook today:

(There is no need to say his iPhone was helping him navigating on the presentation)

Over 400 million accounts of the app store with 650.000 apps available today (580.000 apps just a few months ago!), of those 225.000 specifically designed for iPad.

Cook claims App Store is the store with largest number of credit cards, and that made me wonder what about Amazon and where is position comparing this number.

Tim Cook states that 30 million downloads have been made on the app store, and over $5 billion paid to developers.

There are 32 new countries coming to the app store. That takes the total to 155 countries!

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “You can probably get the message that Apple is trying to spread here: hardcore developer evangelism.”

> New MacBook Air:

Third generation Intel Ivy Bridge CPUs (upto 2.0 GHz i7), upto 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 60% faster graphics, FaceTime camera 720p. USB 3.0 makes an appearance on a Mac!

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “Schiller takes a dig at ‘Ultrabooks’, calling them MacBook Air copy cats.”

11-inch pricing starts $999 goes up to $1099 and 13-inch pricing starts $1199, goes up to $1499.

Shipping starts today!

> New Macbook Pro:

It is like a Macbook Air mated with a Macbook Pro with new graphics with Nvidia GeForce GT 650m graphics. Ivy Bridge update.. 2.7GHz, turboboost up to 3.7GHz. 13 inch. 2.5 GHz i5. SMAE PRICE! USB 3.0 on Pro too..

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “We weren’t expecting any radical new displays, so no ‘retina’ in the Air no surprise.”

Pricing for 13-inch and 15-inch starts $1200, $1500 respectively (Similar to current pricing..). MacBook Pro Shipping today.

> Next generation MacBook Pro It is a new series, a new model was showed.

Tagline for the Next Generation MacBook Pro “The most beautiful computer we have ever made” with a new display, thinner, lighter.. says Apple design guru Jonny Ive, “It’s thinner than my finger!” with 0.71-inch thin, Under 4.5 pounds, is the Lightest Pro ever.

* Rumours are true: Retina with 15.4″ display, 2880×1800 resolution. Bets have been won and lost around the world on that statement. Schiller just called the new MBP display “Retina”.

World’s highest resolution display notebook with Reduced glare… some kind of glossy display. Updated OS for new display. All stock apps have been updated to support Retina. Aperture, Final Cut Pro have been updated as well. Final Cut video window is 1080p. New version of AutoCAD. Adobe is working on updated version of Photoshop. Diablo III being created as well for MAC. Autodesk has a new AutoCAD in pipeline as well.

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “Incredible! A full-HD video on screen at 100% and there’s plenty of room for other stuff. ON A 15.4″ LAPTOP!”

Kepler GT 650M graphics. Internal Flash up to 768 GB . Seven hours of battery life, up to 30 days of standby.

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “MagSafe has been mad thinner.”

New Thunderbolt accessories. Two Thunderbolt ports on-board as well. FireWire 800 and Gigabit Ethernet. Multitouch touchpad and backlit keyboard.

The resultant product is claiming to be more efficient. New insight on display, it is built in unibody lid, no separate glass cover. New thermal system makes the laptop quieter. The crowd seems to like that one. Apple is calling it “The very best computer for today and the future.” Claims to be environment friendly.

$2199 is the starting price for 2.3GHz quad core, 8GB RAM, and 256GB Flash storage.

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “An incredible laptop, incredible price tag”

It is shipping starting today.

> OS X

Craig Federrichi announced the new Mountain Lion. He says that Mac userbase is 66 million users now and Graph between Windows 7 and OS X.

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “Let’s face it, Windows clearly losing out.”

It is available for 19.99 USD, that is $10 cheaper than Lion and One purchase, upgrade all you macs.

Today is a developer preview for it. Get ready for Mountain Lion, is coming next month.

125 Million iCloud users and they are bringing it to the new Mountain Lion. Direct support for the Mountain Lion inbuilt.

Apple introduces three apps for iCloud in Mountain Lion:

– Integration between your documents and iCloud – called “Documents in the Cloud”.

– Messages, Reminders and Notes.

– Launching pages shows what you have in the cloud.

With new iCloud supported Messages app, you can respond right on your MAC. Preview can show all your PDFs stored in the cloud. Craig shows off drag and drop to the cloud for documents, a demo of Reminders, Notes and Messages apps.

New Notification Center about to be mentioned:

– Apple creates Growl, Banners and Alerts for getting the user’s attention.

– Dictation built in and works everywhere, surprisingly, even in Microsoft Word.

– You can now share from the app and the home page, the feature applies across apps.

* Note from one Tweet on the floor: “This notification system in Mac OS X won’t amuse Growl developers the least bit.”

> new Safari:

– Boasts of a Unified smart search field, just like Chrome. “It is the fastest on the planet”

– New tabview – iCloud Tabs – it syncs your devices.

– New scrolling system, “It is smooth and lightening fast”

– Zooming out lets you see all your livetabs.

– Multi-touch lets you zoom in and out of a webpage.

– You can summon a tweet sheet in the notification center.

– New feature called Power Nap. Your Mac will now update itself and sync itself when it is offline. Automatically refreshes data, silent, power efficient. Works with MacBook Airs and the new MBP. When it is charging, it will backup itself.

– AirPlay Mirroring is Up. “We also support sending audio on AirPlay-enabled stereo systems”.

> Game Center:

– It supports gaming across platforms(Craig Federighi showed the Mac screen and Apple TV side by side).

– Racer OS X is out (In a racing outfit, they were competing in a new game – CSR Racing). The game was originally intended for iOS only, but developers have ported it on Mac as well. Racer OS X has won the race and rolls out of the stage.

200 new features being shown on screen.

New features added for China. Include Chinese dictionary, support for Baidu in Safari, eight new fonts and support for Chinese social networks.

> iOS

365 millions iOS devices sold through March. 80% of the customers are on iOS 5.

84 of the top 100 apps are pushing notifications, 1.5 trillion push notifications.

140 million iMessage users, 150 billion messages sent.

Twitter direct integration in iOS 5. Twitter has seen 3x growth in iOS users since then.

Over 130 million users using Game Center.

“More than 75% of our customers check the ‘very satisfied’ box, and our competition has less than 50%”

200 new features in iOS 6, significant improvement to Siri and location features.

Apple has formed a partnership with Yelp. Partnered with OpenTable (can tap here to make reservations). Siri can now tell about Movies also with Rotten tomatoes integration. Siri learns to launch apps as well. “Eyes Free” will integrate Siri in your car. Apple working with car manufacturers to include a button on steering wheel that will bring up Siri, for safe driving. BMW, GM, Jaguar and many others are already committed to doing so in the next 12 months. Sounds like a big move to me!

More languages added as, Adding Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Italian and French ‘tuned for Canada’ (<-what!?!).

Local search goes global. Apple extend Siri’s local search product, even in China.

Siri being brought to iPad, but only on new iPads coming out in March, not old ones.

As expected, Facebook Integration into OS6. Tap to post to Twitter and Facebook built into notification center. You can post pics from Photos, sites from Safari and Location from Maps ..all to Facebook. There is an API also, so developers can integrate Facebook in their apps too. Integration of Facebook with Apple’s iStore and Contact syncing as well. Same integration brought to Mac.

> Phone app:

– Users can reply with a automated button of choice such as “Call me in an hour”.

– There is new control for an incoming call, slide that up and you can get reminded later or send a message back.

– Another new feature, Do Not Disturb, It won’t light up the screen or make a sound. Push notifications will be muted and screen won’t light up, when Do Not Disturb is on.

– You can also screen phone calls, allowing some and blocking others.

– In iOS 6 Apple is enabling Facetime over cellular. Unifying your phone number and Apple ID now! If someone calls you on your phone number for Facetime, you can answer it on your iPad or Mac.


– iCloud tabs feature comes to phone in offline reading list.

– You can upload photos quick and easily to sites like Shutterfly. Fullscreen support in landscape mode. Photo Stream up now – Shared Photo Streams. ” Just choose your photos, choose your friend and share away!” (It seems a bit like Apple’s own variation of a Facebook.) Friends can comment on these shared photos.

– New feature – VIP in Messages. Star appears. You can pull to refresh messages.

– Now, there is an easy way to insert photos, video is compose window, also open password protected Office Docs on iOS.

– Passbook – The way to get all your passes in one place. You can also organize your passes.

– Airline tickets, movie tickets, every other ticket – all categorized in one place! The cards are live and your boarding pass information will get updated if there is a change. (Not a word on complete support for Airlines, seems like is only for United right now.)

– Geolocate will pull up your card when you’re nearby a store. Like when you get to your local Starbucks.

– Guided Access, New accessibility options to help disabled community.

– Single-app mode to keep students from exiting from a test app. Museums can keep apps locked into their display apps.

– New mapping solution (the most anticipated new iOS feature) from ground up with 3D maps not just for US, worldwide maps. Already include 100 million business listings. More than 90% of iPhone owners use Google Maps, and Apple finally shows a new maps app… wondering what Google has to say about it.

Apple building traffic service with incident listings, it is crowd-sourced, built in turn by turn navigation in the new system of maps. New quick route feature and, obviously, integration with Siri. Traffic is monitored in real time with ETA updated dynamically. “You can ask questions like where can I get gas.” (just love this one!! ->) When kids ask “Are we there yet”, Siri will tell us to “relax, we will be there in X min.”

There is a 3D flyover view of cities, similar to what Google announced last week, vector-based maps, quick rotating, zooming in and out. Satellite view also for Maps, renders details in real time, Siri gives you directions in turn-by-turn navigation. (<-Is that a GPS killer, or it’s just me?)

– Game Center challenges. New privacy controls, redesigned stores for the new iOS 6. Made for iPhone hearing aids in pipeline.

– New “Lost mode” for finding iPhone. If you lose your phone, you can send a number using a tap and the person can call back that number. If they so wish of course.

– New signatures coming for personal vs work email accounts.

– All the Chinese market feature are coming to iOS as well.

– Ships this fall, supports 3GS and up, 2nd generation iPads and newer and 4th gen-iPod Touch

Tim Cook returns to stage for a wrap up and says that MacBook Pro with Retina is the most advanced Mac they have ever built:

_”Only Apple could make such amazing hardware software and services. They are perfect examples of what Apple does best”.

** Top Twitters:

– iOS 6 will add 200 new features to world’s best mobile operating system – Cook

– Just in case you didn’t notice, both MacBook Airs got a $100 price-cut and the MacBook Pro will be the same price.

– Mountain Lion ($19.99) will be even cheaper than Lion ($29.99).

– New iOS is attempting to make the computer act more like a phone. No word of Siri for Mac.

– FaceTime is now available through cellular networks, not just over WiFi (do we need to review our WiFi data plans??).

– Apple kills its 17-inch MacBook Pro, though oddly it didn’t mention it at WWDC (and no word of it in the Press Release). Over an hour into the keynote, no sign of Mac Pros 17″. Silent update or dead?

– I’m impressed! #Apple guys did well today -can’t wait 2put my hands on new #MacBook But see Tim Cook photo #WWDC is still strange #feelbeige

– And that’s a wrap! Apple Store still down, at the end of the Conference, so not sure whatever happened to the Mac Pros.

15″ MBP with Retina display: Intel Core i7 3820QM, 16 GB of RAM, 768 GB SSD (without the recommended $350 AppleCare):

$3750 in the United States

$4250 in Australia

$4700 in UK/Europe

$8000 in Brazil (-> que tal..?? simpatico, não..??)

* Tweet on the floor: NDTV Correspondent and WSJ Live Blog

* On-line survey in real time: developer.apple.com/wwdc and forbes.com