Exclusive Sparkling Wine Tasting at EWBC2011

1. Ridgeview Cavendish 2009 (Sussex, England)

Fresh and interesting wine, good as an aperitivo. Excellent try with “fatty-food” as salmon.

2. Denbies Cubitt Reserve 2006 (Surrey, England)

Apple and elderflowers added with a bit salt at the end – looks like a show up caracter for English sparkling wines.

3. Lenz Winery 2005 Cuvee (USA) – 100% Pinot Noir

The winery is located in Long Island, nearby New York. High residual sugar well balanced with the acidity make the palate a blast. This wine still need some time in bottle before show its best. Yes, is a dry wine a bit less then 10g/liter residual sugar, with interesting aromatic sensation.

4. Chateau Frank 2006 Blanc de Blancs (USA) – 90% Chardonnay, 10% Pinot Noir

Fresh shellfish, oisters and crustraceos is the best food pairing for this one, said the winery man in the audience. I agree 100%, the long finishing with some salt at the very end would be perfect with crab as well, high acidity can easy handle that.

The 1st is ready to drink, the 2nd still need a bit aging. They are raped-sort-of-wines on palate.

2004 and 2005 was a good vintage in Italy, this is reflected on Franciacorta Wines as well.

5. Majolini Franciacorta Electo, Millesimato 2005 Brut (Italy)

Intense palate and dryness shows it has had been on lees for some time. It’s quite exotic wine. Perfect for jamon and the rich local food.

6. Raventos Blanc Extra Brut Gran Reserva de la Finca 2006 (Spain)

The aromatic sensation of this wine comes from Macabeo grapes. The high altitude is well showed in its freshness.

7. Cava Recaredo Pas Dosé Reserva Particular 2002 (Spain)

Kind of a sweet vanilla after tasting. After almost ten years of the harvest, the wines is still fresh.

8. Il Mosnel Franciacorta Pas Dosé Riserva “QdE” 2004 (Italy)

Do you know there is a Italian Contest for the best wine label design ? Well, I didn’t! This 2004 Fransciacorta won best italian label design. The wine itself shows the years on its colour. Aromatic sensation with a smooth aftertasting, tipical wine ready to drink (perfect timing for a good dinner)

9. Tarlant Extra Brut Cuvee Louis NV (France)

The only Cuveé made from this House. 1996 and 1997 blended together. The nose could trick you to think there was malolatic fermation, it has none.

10.  Piper- Heidsieck Brut Rare 1988 (France)

Only two vintage was produced like this. Is a waine from a old winemaker, so no modern tecnics.  The age shows itself on ambar colour. This represented what sparkling wines can do with your senses!  The wine is very complex. Nose with toast and butter notes plus the vanilla and candy.  Drinking it is a sensational experience!

Weingut GustavshoF 2007, Riesling – feinherb

Weingut GustavshoF 2007, Riesling – feinherb –  Gutsabfullung

.. Too many German words for you..??

.. Not enough to describe how good it was

.. Elegant

.. Round and velvet..

No, it isn’t red! .. It’s a friendly white, dry, medium light with good acidity (for a cheese fondue, for example).

Unbelievable “maracujá” (Brazilian yellow passion-fruit) and apples  floats on the nose to amuse our senses….

It’s a beautiful Riesling wine that pairs marvelous well with Tortellone Gigante filled with goat cheese and honey and sauced mushrooms.

Won the best Riesling of 2008 at the Dusseldorf international wine fair.

A family-run vineyard with extraordinary tradition and individual, unmistakable wines, laborious manual work. Along the east and north sides of runs Rheinhessen Rhine, some special micro-climate (well protected from the extreme weather conditions) and limestone soils there matures Riesling grapes.

BioWien, modern (acrilic top, silicon sealed) and not expensive (€9,-) beautiful bottle.

Delightful fruity Cool-climate wine (the original stuff from northern Europe)..

Rapitalia Nero D’Avola 2008

..Até uns vinte anos atrás, era um dos segredos mais bem guardados do comércio do vinho… Sempre que havia uma desconfianças de um pobre vintage, por debaixo dos panos, alguns vinhos famosos francês e italiano foram “batizados” (beefed-up) e resgatados pela adição criteriosa de um sutil toque de Nero D’Avola. Mas além disso, houve outros poucos, e consideráveis, reconhecimentos por seus próprios méritos.

Por outro lado, lá na Sicília, em especial no extremo sudeste da ilha, Nero D’Avola era (e ainda é) o vinho tinto típico pro dia-a-dia. O vinho que, quando você pedir “um copo de tinto, certamente aparecerá na taça.

Graças as modernas técnicas vinificação e ao marketing atual,a reputação da Nero D’Avola’s está crescendo – especialmente nos EUA, onde é este vinho é visto como uma alternativa aceitável para Shiraz.

E é fácil perceber o porquê. Com 13% de álcool, este é um vinho “forte” e tem ecos de Shiraz: picante, apimentado e doce no paladar, com aromas de alcaçuz, cravo, noz moscada e ameixa. Não é um vinho de alto verão, é verdade. Mas é bom lembrar quando as noites começam a ficar um pouco mais frias e os reaparecem os desejos por carnes, queijos e pratos de massa. Tem-se um acompanhamento perfeito.

Nero D’Avola tem sim potencial de envelhecimento, mas há um estilo alternativo feito para beber jovem, que estagiou em cubas de aço para preservar a fruta pura, madura. Como exemplo disso temos este Rapitala. Na minha opinião é totalmente livre da dureza de taninos que podem afetar alguns bebendo-os jovens. É uma excelente escolha de vinho, mesmo um par de anos mais velhos, sempre vale a pena.

Eiswein Edelsüss, Nachgold

In the darkness if the early morning hours, when the nigh frost has taken the in the vineyards down to below -7˚C, work starts on picking and crushing the frozen grapes. The water inside the grape juice is concentrated to a golden-coloured liquid, often called “Nachgold” or “gold of the night”. After a few months bottle maturation. this ice wine with its intense aroma of peaches, melons and apples and its elegant, mature sweetness can be enjoyed as an apéritif or a dessert wine to accompany those very special occasions.

The color is a rich, golden yellow.

The nose bursts with fruit with very subtle floral hints. Aromas of peach, apricot, citrus. More specifically on the citrus: the aroma of a produce box of slightly green oranges.

While it is easy to get lost in the color and nose, the best part is the taste. Amazing, mouthfilling flavor.

Excellent balance from the front to the back of the palate. The wine is sweet, but the sweetness enhances the flavors instead of getting in the way. Peaches, apricots, and honey. Yet a lively acidity in the mid-palate prevents this wine from being cloying with all it’s sweet goodness.

Long (50+ sec), sweet, fruity, tart finish leaves you wanting more and more.

Delightful way to bring an evening of very good wine to a close. Its fine balance between crispness and sweetness invites and keeps you coming back for more.  Paired well with a nice Tiramissu, and latter  with a Limoncello pie was just perfect!

Eiswein Edelsüss Nachgold ,  Prädikatswein from Germany (Pfalz),

by Peter Mertes Weinkiller ,  vol 11%

what to do when the icebox is empty ..?

open a friendly wine, right ..?

I did!
.. a Rioja Reserva DOC 2004 La Barca, which is always a guarantee of good memories.

But there remains a small problem..

Hhmm .. no gratin goat cheese .. no pasta bolognesa.. no spice beef

Rioja opened, decanted, waiting for some company to pair with..

In the Netherlands, as the Dutch … original..? (I know, I know….. not so much)

Well, take a bunch of left overs and put it all together as friends to party:
toast, eggs, cheese Gouda 48 +, archterham naturel with cheese Pecorino Romano DOC 48 +, corn and carrot juliana ..
and surprise.. lovely pairing

When the wine is powerful, all that comes with it enlarges.
It creates the soul and makes a happier night
try, without prejudice ..

Aaaaahhh …and on the wine:

  • General Description:

Estate Bottled

Tempranillo grape fruit made as it should be done, and concetrate rich and well balanced .. aaaahhh with mushrooms … just perfect for a Friday night!

bought in a supermarket for 5.95 euros Jumbo

  • Wine Tasting Notes:

Color: ruby red, in development, bright

aromas: clean, intense (med +), caffee, chocolate, clove, earth notes, blond grass

black fruit (plum)

mor nose, elegant

Palate: dry, full body with lots of tannin and alcohol, balanced acidity. A final not so long, but enjoyable, “round”, soft and rich. Shows a blonde with black pepper, coffee and chocolate in harmony with the black fruit (plum and notes of olive)

  • Personal Rating:

Style “old world” with elegance and “robusto” that only the joung Spaniards with good body can exhibit.

great for a late-night and also with meat, barbeques ..

.. and for less than 6EUR! .. just perfect!


  • Wine Adventures:

after 2 days the wine was not-very-good, and I was already regretting not having treated him well and put in a smaller bottle with Vacuvin ..

5 days after the wine was more-than-very good! .. and I did not know what was done right. After all there was not decanted, or kept as it should and he was in the refrigerator for almost a week.

7 days after the wine was excellent! .. Jaw-dropping! aaahhh  those young Spaniards .. these one is really strong and robust, face time with a grace that only proves know the pleasure that may have ..

The next bottle will be grounded for 6 days before having the honor to go down the glass.

.. eheheheheheh ..

De Martino Legado Reserva

Wine of Chile, Maipo Valley

  • Organically managed vineyards in Isla de Maipo.
  • 100% Carmenere      2007                  (14,5% alcohol)
  • Tasting Notes:

Deep deep red purple wine tints the glass.. is Carmenere!

Aromas that recall ripe black fruits blend with subtle notes of coffee.

The palate is voluptuous, well rounded and velvety, with plenty of fruit.
Every single black fruit, named it , is there!

  • Personal Comments:

Full body and high on alcohol,  the New World Style is there for sure.. with everything for the high points score. Well balanced this wine make one looks good with friends or for a nice winter night chat.

Drink now.. if you really want, you can keep it for more two years.

  • The producer (in Chile since 1934) claims to reinvented Chile creating wines that are  a true reflection of their origin.

Legado offers a very good representation of a specific grape variety from this innovative Chilean wine producing valley.

Uncorck it, take a chance ..

and let you see if is that what you find bottled.


Buraco de Rato

o que fazer quando a geladeira tá vazia..??  .. abrir um vinho amigo, certo..??

foi o que fiz! .. um Rioja DOC Reserva La Barca 2004, que é sempre uma garantia de boas lembranças.

Mas ainda resta o pequeno problema.. o que acompanhar..

Hhmm  .. sem queijo de cabra pra gratinar, sem um molho para a massa, sem um beef pra apimentar a noite..

Rioja aberto, decantado, a espera de companhia..

Em Holanda, como os Holandeses… original, nao??

(..srsrrsrsr  eu sei, eu sei  ..srsrsrsr  ..pessimo  ..srsrrsrrs)

Bem, fato é que pão torrado, ovos, queijo gouda 48+,  archterham naturel com pecorino Romano DOC 48+, milho e cenoura juliana..

..casou bem e fomos felizes

Quando o vinho é poderoso tudo que vem com ele engrandece, cria alma e faz uma noite mais feliz.. tente, sem preconceitos..

Aaaaahhh  e sobre o vinho:

Descricao geral :

Estate Bottled
Tempranillo grape fruit made as it should be done, rich and concetrate and well balanced.. with mushrooms… aaaahhh just perfect for a Friday night!
comprado num supermecado Jumbo por 5,95 euros

Wine Tasting Notes:

cor: vermelho ruby com alo de evolucao (notas de tijolo), brilhante
aromas:limpo, intenso (med+), caffee, chocolate, couro, cravo, terra, notas de louro e grama
frutas preta (ameixa)
um nariz aprazivel, elegante
boca: seco, corpo cheio com muito tanino e alcool, acidez balanceada. Um final nao tao longo, mas agradavel, “redondo”, maci e, rico. Mostra uma pimenta preta com louro, cafe e chocolate em harmonia com a fruta preta(ameixa e notas de oliva)

Avaliação Pessoal:
Estilo “velho mundo” com elegancia e robustexz que apenas os espanhois de bom corpo podem exibir.
excelente para um fim de noite assim como tambem para acompanhar carnes, churrascos ..

..e por menos de 6euros!!  .. mais que perfeito!


apos 2 dias o vinho estava nao-muito-bom, e eu ja estava me arrependendo de nao te-lo tratado bem e posto numa garrafa menor com vacuvin..
apos 5 dias o vinho estava mais-que-muito bom! .. e fiquei sem saber o que havia feito de certo. Afinal nao havia decantado, nem guardado como deveria e ele tava na geladeira por quase uma semana.
apos 7 dias o vinho estava excelente! .. de cair o queixo! ..esses espanhois são mesmo forte e robustos, enfrentam o tempo com uma graça que só que porva sabe o prazer que pode ter..
A proxima garrafa vai ficar de castigo por 6 dias antes de ter a honra de descer a taça.. eheheheheheh..