2008 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon Rose is an expression of a classic vintage

2008 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon Rose is an expression of a classic vintage.

2008 Moet Chandon Dom Perignon Rose Brut Vintage

The umami character is there with elegance.
The power of the Moet’s Ay Pinot Noir is showing off its strength in a lovely balance.
Vibration and elegance, lovely acidity cutting through the rich mousse.

Flavors explosion of cherries, strawberries and lovely raspberry notes popping up in your mouth can make any wine lover fall in love for Champagne.
And the lovely white flowers, royalty, carries you away..

Full body and layered, it goes on and on revealing its complexity.
Intriguing charming.
It surprises you with tangerines, ginger and savory sensations, lovely mousse.
How many times did I said lovely?

A beautiful, elegant brut rosé and premium cuvée from Moet & Chandon.
2008 Dom Pérignon worth it .. wait years and years, or drink it now.

And yet, all I could hear was Stevie Wonder singing in my mind
🎶 🎶🎶 isn’t she lovely 🎶🎶🎶 isn’t she wonderful 🎶🎶🎶 isn’t she pleasure🎶🎶🎶