WineTalk skill at a glance

A quick view how to use WineTalk Skill for Alexa.


WineTalk Skill is available on Alexa!

This application is not suitable for all ages.
You must be at least 21 years old.
Please use and drink responsibly, and never drink and drive!

You do not need to be a wine connoisseur or an expert to have fun and enjoy your wines. This skill offers an easy way to discover new wine & food pairings and find out more about wines.

An user friendly interface makes it an enjoyable experience to both novice and seasoned wine lovers (including a few Easter eggs, for you to find!)

Information contained in this skill was compiled by a world renowned wine connoisseur and is constantly being updated based on user suggestions and feedback.

Please take a second to review this skill.

Your thoughts are really import to us!

infogram-WineTalkInstructions For Alexa Users

Enabling the Wine Talk skill:

  • Using Alexa: just say: “Alexa, enable Wine Talk”.
  • Using your Alexa App:
    • Open the app menu by pressing the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner.
    • Select Skills.
    • Select search bar (across the top, to the right of word “Categories”).
    • Type Wine Talk and select search.
    • Select “Wine Talk” skill.
    • Press “Enable skill”.
  • Without Alexa App: If you do not use the Alexa app, you can enable the skill by going to: https://www.amazon.com/WineTalkGroup-WineTalk/dp/B0771NYBLX/ and clicking on “Enable skill”

Instructions For Apple & Android Users

The Wine Talk skill is available for Apple/Android device (using Amazon Shopping app):

  • Install the Amazon Shopping app (AppStore, Google Play) on your Apple/Android device,
  • If you are outside the United States:
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app.
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app menu by pressing the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner.
    • Select Settings.
    • Select Country & Language.
    • Select Country: United States or United Kingdom.
    • Select Language: English.
    • Press “Done”.
  • Using Wine Talk on your Apple/Android device:
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app (configured with Country: United States, Language: English),
    • Press the microphone icon on the upper right corner,
    • Start by saying something like: “Alexa, open Wine Talk”
  • Using Wine Talk on your Apple/Android device:
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app (configured with Country: United States, Language: English),
    • Press the microphone icon on the upper right corner to start.

– > Once enabled, you can use this skill as follows:

  • Contextual help is available at any time. Just say: “help”.

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impressions on WBC

I went to my first WBC in the US this year, in California.
I had attended EWBC a couple of times and is quite difficult not to compare the two conferences in style.
EWBC is the European Wine Blog Conference that no long exist.
WBC stands for the american Wine Blog Conference and goes strong every year.
Well.. you can argue that WBC is the original one but for me is still the american version of the european one.
I know I’m wrong with that, but that’s my perception as I’m new in the US.

The first think that came to my mind was: “is it worth?”
I spent more money with Hotels and flight tickets.. away more than the european one.
Flight tickets in the US is not as affordable as Ryanair, not to mention Hilton’s room fees.
But that’s how it goes in America, wine is a luxurious product not an everyday part of your meal. And so is everything around wine, expensive comparing to european standards.
But is ok. I’m not complaining.
Or maybe I am.. but that the way it is..
I sucked it up..

I can tell you that everything at WBC2017 was very organized, on time and scheduled for maximum efficiency.
Even the waiting list worked fine tuned, I liked that very much.


  • There was educational sessions, with some good topics to follow up.*
    Learning about blogging legal issues and regulations was the cherry of the cocktail.





  • * El Dourado, the Californian wine region, was a great positive surprise for me. It sparkled my guts to go visit the wineries.




  • There was Winery Dinner Trips, with some great food experiences and fine Wine&Food pairing. Discovering that not all of its wines is for on the spot drinking, some can show age potential.
  • There was pre-trips and pos-trips, just as in EWBC, that really upgrade the whole WBC experience.
    * Lodi opened my mind to California’s Wines, showed me good quality and winemakers to respect. And since then I’m telling people about Lodi Wines and to go visit.
    * Livermore showed me the a wine region is much more than just wines to taste. Loved!
  • There was THE Bloggers!
    The best part of the Conference for any WBC or/and EWBC!
    Meet old friends once again, get to meet new ones.
    People from everywhere, with so many different styles..
    Great collection of people..


EWBC was smaller, or looks like to my eyes, and meeting people was always great fun.
Always was the Wine in the center of all conversations.
I have good friends till this day that I had met then.
Classic wines (to dye for..) to share at the BYOB dinner and after-party.
Epic after-parties.

WBC was more business oriented, networking as only americans can build.
And that could be new to some european bloggers without a business background.
Don’t be shocked.. It’s good.. Go for it!
Numbers are the center of most talks.
Followers numbers..
Sales numbers..
ROI numbers..
PR numbers..
Wine sales numbers..
Numbers and more numbers..
Be prepared..

It worth it!

I’ll publish some posts about what I tasted, what I saw and what I experienced at WBC2017.
But first I’m enjoying the holidays, some bubbly wines, in the Brazilian NorthEast Summer weather.. hehehe
My luggage was quite heavy with wines I bought during WBC2017 #justsaying 🙂

Happy Holidays eveyone !!