WineTalk skill at a glance


WineTalk Skill is available on Alexa!

This application is not suitable for all ages.
You must be at least 21 years old.
Please use and drink responsibly, and never drink and drive!

You do not need to be a wine connoisseur or an expert to have fun and enjoy your wines. This skill offers an easy way to discover new wine & food pairings and find out more about wines.

An user friendly interface makes it an enjoyable experience to both novice and seasoned wine lovers (including a few Easter eggs, for you to find!)

Information contained in this skill was compiled by a world renowned wine connoisseur and is constantly being updated based on user suggestions and feedback.

Please take a second to review this skill.

Your thoughts are really import to us!

infogram-WineTalkInstructions For Alexa Users

Enabling the Wine Talk skill:

  • Using Alexa: just say: “Alexa, enable Wine Talk”.
  • Using your Alexa App:
    • Open the app menu by pressing the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner.
    • Select Skills.
    • Select search bar (across the top, to the right of word “Categories”).
    • Type Wine Talk and select search.
    • Select “Wine Talk” skill.
    • Press “Enable skill”.
  • Without Alexa App: If you do not use the Alexa app, you can enable the skill by going to: and clicking on “Enable skill”

Instructions For Apple & Android Users

The Wine Talk skill is available for Apple/Android device (using Amazon Shopping app):

  • Install the Amazon Shopping app (AppStore, Google Play) on your Apple/Android device,
  • If you are outside the United States:
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app.
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app menu by pressing the three horizontal bars on the upper left corner.
    • Select Settings.
    • Select Country & Language.
    • Select Country: United States or United Kingdom.
    • Select Language: English.
    • Press “Done”.
  • Using Wine Talk on your Apple/Android device:
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app (configured with Country: United States, Language: English),
    • Press the microphone icon on the upper right corner,
    • Start by saying something like: “Alexa, open Wine Talk”
  • Using Wine Talk on your Apple/Android device:
    • Open the Amazon Alexa app (configured with Country: United States, Language: English),
    • Press the microphone icon on the upper right corner to start.

– > Once enabled, you can use this skill as follows:

  • Contextual help is available at any time. Just say: “help”.

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WBC19 Live Wine Social

Here how fun wine tasting and meeting winemakers can be. You have only 5 min to talk and taste and post on social media.

I have a Live-post protocol that helps to beat the short time. I write down all the hashtags and the main handles to copy-paste it into all my social media posts. That is how I speed up the whole thing. Note how the pictures hashtags are constantly repeated.

In 50 min we tasted more than 10 wines, Twitter and Instagram posted and wrote down on my little black tasting notebook.

This event is sort of like speed dating, matching wine producers to bloggers in five-minute segments. This is a fast-moving event. Producers will feel rushed to get you information about the wine they are presenting or wine they are pouring, and you will feel rushed to record your thoughts on your blog, via Twitter, etc.

Previously called Live Wine Blogging, they have run the event every year since the first year of the conference in 2008.  Participating sponsors at Wine Media Conference 2019, in Hunter Valley, Australia.

Here is a collection of what was going on (from my Twitter @WineTalkGroup):

Leogate Estate Wines, Brokenback Vineyard, Shiraz 2017 – generous Shiraz 🍷@Leogate #huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk #wine #seeaustralia #wbc19 #wbc2019

OMGTouriga Nacional from Australia!! -delicious- de iullis 80%shiraz 80%touriga 2018 LDR vineyard #touriga 🍷 #huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk #wine #seeaustralia #wbc19 #wbc2019 @mikedeiullis

@FirstCreekWines First Creek Winemakers Reserve 2017 Shiraz spicy and round long finishing 🍷 #huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk #wine #seeaustralia #wbc19 #wbc2019 @huntervalleywc @huntervalley

@glandore_estate Cellarhands Tempranillo 2017 – oh boy.. where is my BBQ 🍷 #huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk #wine #seeaustralia #wbc19 #wbc2019 @huntervalley @huntervalleywc

Ivanhoe Wines 2018 Shiraz Pressings nº1 attraction in Pokolbin on TripAdvisor for wine experiences 🍷 #huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk #wine #seeaustralia #wbc19 #wbc2019 @huntervalley @huntervalleywc

@MTPleasantwines Mount Pleasant, Rose hill Vineyard – Shiraz 🍷#huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk #wine #seeaustralia #wbc19 #wbc2019 @huntervalley @huntervalleywc

#huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk #wbc19 #wbc2019 #wine @scarboroughwines 🍷good shiraz @huntervalley @huntervalleywc

@taylorswines #taylorwines 🍷great value for a good cabernet sauvignon US$18 #clarevalley #clarevalleywines #WMC19 #australiawines #winetalk #wine l

@tintillaestate #tintillaestate #tintillaestatehuntervalley Sangiovese 🍷good #wine #WMC19 #huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk @huntervalley @huntervalleywc

@tullochwines #tollochwines #WMC19 #huntervalley #australiawines #winetalk @huntervalley @huntervalleywc #australia #seeaustralia #wine

At Live Wine Social, a room full of conference participants sit at round tables, each with one winery prepared to pour one wine. (There are two sessions, with red wines on Friday and white/rose/sparkling wines on Saturday.) When conference organizers announce the start, winemakers have five minutes to pour their wine, tell about their wine and winery, and give the participants a chance to taste the wine, ask questions, and write about it.

Participants swirl, sniff, taste and post about the wine live via social media or their blogs right then and there.

After five minutes, a whistle will blow and the winemakers will rotate to the next table, ready to introduce their wine to a new group of participants. By the end of the 50-minute session, all attendees will have posted something online about the experience with each wine they tasted.

Wineries love this event because they get ten rounds with small groups of people who are avid about trying new wines. Participants love Live Wine Social because they get to meet and ask questions of ten winemakers or winery reps in 50 minutes. We as conference organizers love this event as a training tool because it forces wineries to have a pat delivery of what is most interesting about their winery or wine, while it forces participants to quickly taste, judge, and write about wines.