Weingut GustavshoF 2007, Riesling – feinherb

Weingut GustavshoF 2007, Riesling – feinherb –  Gutsabfullung

.. Too many German words for you..??

.. Not enough to describe how good it was

.. Elegant

.. Round and velvet..

No, it isn’t red! .. It’s a friendly white, dry, medium light with good acidity (for a cheese fondue, for example).

Unbelievable “maracujá” (Brazilian yellow passion-fruit) and apples  floats on the nose to amuse our senses….

It’s a beautiful Riesling wine that pairs marvelous well with Tortellone Gigante filled with goat cheese and honey and sauced mushrooms.

Won the best Riesling of 2008 at the Dusseldorf international wine fair.

A family-run vineyard with extraordinary tradition and individual, unmistakable wines, laborious manual work. Along the east and north sides of runs Rheinhessen Rhine, some special micro-climate (well protected from the extreme weather conditions) and limestone soils there matures Riesling grapes.

BioWien, modern (acrilic top, silicon sealed) and not expensive (€9,-) beautiful bottle.

Delightful fruity Cool-climate wine (the original stuff from northern Europe)..