Eiswein Edelsüss, Nachgold

In the darkness if the early morning hours, when the nigh frost has taken the in the vineyards down to below -7˚C, work starts on picking and crushing the frozen grapes. The water inside the grape juice is concentrated to a golden-coloured liquid, often called “Nachgold” or “gold of the night”. After a few months bottle maturation. this ice wine with its intense aroma of peaches, melons and apples and its elegant, mature sweetness can be enjoyed as an apéritif or a dessert wine to accompany those very special occasions.

The color is a rich, golden yellow.

The nose bursts with fruit with very subtle floral hints. Aromas of peach, apricot, citrus. More specifically on the citrus: the aroma of a produce box of slightly green oranges.

While it is easy to get lost in the color and nose, the best part is the taste. Amazing, mouthfilling flavor.

Excellent balance from the front to the back of the palate. The wine is sweet, but the sweetness enhances the flavors instead of getting in the way. Peaches, apricots, and honey. Yet a lively acidity in the mid-palate prevents this wine from being cloying with all it’s sweet goodness.

Long (50+ sec), sweet, fruity, tart finish leaves you wanting more and more.

Delightful way to bring an evening of very good wine to a close. Its fine balance between crispness and sweetness invites and keeps you coming back for more.  Paired well with a nice Tiramissu, and latter  with a Limoncello pie was just perfect!

Eiswein Edelsüss Nachgold ,  Prädikatswein from Germany (Pfalz),

by Peter Mertes Weinkiller ,  vol 11%