Take the risk with wines

I pride myself on my broad tastes in wine. I like wine from everywhere, and don’t believe I have a specific thing with one region or another. However, once and while, that claim is shaken a little bit as unexpected identity crisis. Is easy to look around and find something we already had experienced, set out along a familiar route.

This would be a bold, radical suggestion, but take the risk to buy a complete unknown wine of origin from that place you know nothing about. Try to found the sounds and the words that feed into this play, and found some into unoriginal source to shake you up in every glass. Try a couple whites from Georgia. No, not the US state, the European one! Why not a Gruner Veltliner Austria or Swiss wine for a change? Lovely Dutch spring comes along with Asperges, Lobsters and all sort of Sauvignon Blanc to pair food. Why spend lot of money when you have a range of whites from New Zeland and other corners of the globe?

Go wild, get the dust off that Port Wine and pour in a tall glass with ice. It’s just wonderful with that Dutch pie people eat at lunch. Why not give yourself a chance to have fun with wines? Spring is a perfect time for this.

Men tend to decide for wines they consider most appropriate, correct in the eyes of his crew, dressed in a serious squire. Enjoy the female choices for wines, giving more freedom to drink what we want, and dare to try more. Enjoy the freedom to be a woman and pick your wine to have fun.