Am I too old for Startups ?

When you want to build a house you hire a builder with experience, right?

Why doubt your age be an asset when building your own business?

Well, I’m not start with all the young fixation of every single soul in the globe.

(I know.. I know.. kinda hyperbolic.. But feels this way, isn’t?) You saw all that.

Nevertheless, when you search a bit, all you see is this young-sh approach to Startups.

Is the College drop-off guy here.. that young friends there.. And that’s fine..

That’s a good thing when the new generation work hard to build a new future.

Am I too old for this Startup Sphere?

Why this question even came up? Why? ..It’s not suppose to be a thing, right?

Who cares? ..I did!

You have all the fancy diplomas.. You worked in well know places, the big ones.. You have your career changed already., faced grand challenges.. You have accomplished goes in your profissional life to be proud..  You have seen the world to understand cross-cultural behavior..

And it goes on.. and on.. and on.. just like your parents old tale..

So.. why?

Lack of self-confidance? No, you’ve built its bar up away too high.. No, that’s not it, you’re driven by challenge.

Is it because you’re a woman? No, if it was a thing to ground you down, you’d never had went to be an Engineer in a first place. It’s an advantage (to be honest) to multi-task, be detail oriented.

Yes, you have a family now that you did not have back then. So, what? That’s good.. love is a good thing.

So.. why?

Aging brings a few perks. One of the most tragic is the excess of rational analises of every step you make. You think.. you think.. you analise again.. and then you analise a bit more.. and make a decision. You will change your life once more. That’s cristal clear. The business you have in mind is too good to throw away. You won’t pass on that.

That’s it!

See?? ..There, right there!

Startup is just a word..  Bothers you?  Call it Business.. As simple as that.

You know is going to be hard work.. It is hard work indeed.

It has been tons of work, buckets of coffee, Gym neglected and very little regular hours of sleeping.

You’re obsessed with your Business.. Freaks you out to call it Start up..

would be easier call it BuildUp?!

You don’t want to be that space rocket, fueled up to the top, that rises high and falls down hard.

You are building a solid business.. or at least founding it to be one.

You’re thinking every aspect of your foundation, to be solid, to hold the growth and all the innovations to come.

Don’t freak out to call it Startup.. Pass that bridge and care on..

You’re too old to overthinking little bugs like this.. hahaha..

Disclamer: Yes, I’m familiar with the Sartup denonination/definition. 

                   No, I’m not freaking out for real. I’m all right 🙂

Here, this Forbes article is the back bone for this post.

This article was originally posted at StartupOutLoud Blog , and is still the same feeling..