3rd Annual #ChampagnDay Celebration

Hello Champagne lovers!

On October 26, wine lovers worldwide will raise a flute to that quintessential wine of celebration, good cheer, and toasts everywhere: Champagne.

Champagne Day encourages the celebration of this truly unique wine. While one can find a great number of sparkling wines produced worldwide, true Champagne only comes from Champagne, France. Its name can only be used on a label if the grapes and the wine are produced, under strict quality controls, in the region.

Consumers from around the world are encouraged to participate in the celebration of this authentic wine and raise awareness about the need to protect the Champagne name.

Participating is easy. Consumers can join Champagne Day online by blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing their thoughts about this exceptional wine by using the #ChampagneDay hashtag.

Or…. we can host or join one of the numerous retail and restaurant tastings that are being planned in locations across the Planet Earth.

What fun last year’s 2nd iteration of #ChampagneDay!

This year we are bubbling over with excitement because we have bigger and better plans. The 3rd Annual #ChampagnDay in Eindhoven will be host by WineTalkGroup Ladies on Friday, October 26th (from 8pm to 11pm -ish). RSVP till Monday, Oct 22th.

Please let me know you’re coming along ASAP, so we can better plan it.

High heels are optional and bad mood totally forbitten 🙂

hear from you soon,