What shows who you are ..?

Think ..

Is this the same ..?

What shows your noS ..?

Think about it ..

I don’t believe that their definitions of life show who you really are ..

Who does not show, of being, I care

His non-mysteries .. his non-desires .. his non-desires

We are always on hand to answer about our tastes and favorite this and that, but hardly anyone wants to know our troubles ..

All have ready answers about what and how we like all kinds of preferences

If you some questions in the negative, will have to think to answer ..?

What would not do to make money in life ..

What would not do for love ..

What would not eat, nor under any circumstances ..

What does not feel like a meal ..

Where never change ..

Who does not invite to your house ..

Which songs do not come into your iPod ..

What places do not have the curiosity to visit ..

What does not make you happy ..

What does not, even under torture ..

What does not sound crazy ..

So think may seem to be meaningless ..


This does not make sense to you ..? Let me know your NOs and DON’Ts..



what are you thinking? comment here..

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