producer: Mortix , at Tramontina Mountain, 380m

whites:  Malvasia

reds:   blended  Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines are sexy with beautiful colours, made under modern techniques from Vineyards on  high mountains in Majorca.

1st. : Flaires Rose Wine

beautiful and romantic pale pink, aromatic with flowers (roses and acacias).

Mouth dry, fresh and fruity with startling watermelon, starfruit and rapsberry. At the medium length shows some flowers on after taste. (89)

Excellent for a hot day.

Refreshing, sexy, good wine with and  attractive price (€3,99)

2nd. Mortix Red Wine

A dense deep purple colour tints the glass and exhale back fruits (blueberry).

Mouth dry, fresh and black fruits. Quite spicy after taste. Sexy, spring party wine! (€5,70)

++tannin; –acidity; ++flat; +- length (87)

3rd. Rodal PLA Red Wine

thick deep purple, tints, with an intense black fruity (Syrah aromas) nose.

Dry and Spicy flavours, some vanilla and hebs hints with long length. Well balanced acidity, high tannins with full body and alcohol. Powered by maturing in oak barrels, this wine has everything to be a wine fashion (style RP). Goes well with meat, barbecues (90)

4th. L’U Red Wine

Guess how this looks like?.. dense deep red purple, tints the glass.

Intense nose; spicy and fruits aromas of black pepper, black berries, blueberry and chocolate .

Surprising spicy and full body with a long fruit finishing. High soft tannins well-balanced good acidity. Elegant coffee and chocolate on mouth, good strength.

Very good (91), sexy wine.

..enjoy Majorca with good company and drink responsibly!



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