Fiori di Prosecco (Prosecco Flowers) : why a different, Luxury Italian Method Sparkler ?

Fiori di Prosecco (or Prosecco Flowers, Fluers de Prosecco) is a trademarked brand name worldwide that only Cantinae di Clara Carpenè s.a.s. can use. It means that only the best Prosecco, from the heart of the Valdob- biadene Prosecco Valley can be called “Fiori di Prosecco”. The brand name “Fiori di Prosecco” is also used to stress the fact that Mrs. Carpenè focuses only on the

best Prosecco still wine raw materials (and has a partnership with Angelo Ruggeri firm, the largest and best quality grape supplier of Valdobbiadene) to be used to make this Luxury Sparkler From a quality point of view: only the best, directly from the source of the most prestigious Prosecco terroir in Valdobbiadene.

Not simply Prosecco, but “Fleurs de Prosecco”, the Best of Prosecco.

Clara C’ : who is the wine maker ?

Clara Carpenè is the Daughter of the Inventor of the Prosecco Industry (Antonio Carpenè Jr, now 93). She has set up her own 2000 sqm Cantina in the exclusive Valdobbiadene district, focusing on the “Italian Spu- mantizzazione Process” (Metodo Italiano) with her exclusive brand name “Fiori di Prosecco”. Her heritage is cited in many different bibliografical and encyclopediac articles, like “The Wines of Northern Italy” of Nicolas Belfrage, and Wikipedia, the Internet Encyclopedia.

Excerpt From the Internet Encyclopedia (Sparkling Wine Production):

The (Metodo Italiano Process) process … was totally redefined and completely renovated by Antonio Carpenè, Jr, founder of the Prosecco di Conegliano and Valdobbiadene industry and the father of … Clara Carpenè .. renowned Prosecco producer, to adapt it to the Italian Prosecco grapes

Cantinae: a small company for a large market ?

The “Metodo Italiano” Prosecco Sparkler from Valdobbiadene is projected to become a 600 Milions bottles market, surpassing the Champenoise Method worldwide. Mrs. Carpenè, the owner of Cantinae has secured a large (2000 square meters, 8 meters tall) facility at the gates of Valdobbiadene municipality and right at the beginning of the Prosecco Road, to be able to meet volume demands when the market grows.

With traditional, luxury 19th century (with natural paper labels) and modern high impact (second skin full body labeling) packaging, Fiori di Prosecco covers all the spectrum of Prosecco drinking opportunities.

A historical heritage brand name with modern volumes capabilities: a very rare scenario in the Valdobbiadene Terroir.

Fiori Di Prosecco, Cuvée Brut , Valdobbiadene, Cantinæ Di Clara C   ‘S.A.S. vol: 11% ,  Italy

Price: from €18 up to € 54


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