Like every year, for all 319 Grand Crus of the Champagne appellation and for three different varieties of dates specified when the pickers can start the harvest.
The first began on September, 10th and could wait last until today, September 23th.

2010 began with some frost and the buttons went behind the average of the past 10 years. The vines could easily catch up the delay because the beautiful and warm weather in July. And the chaotic weather of August, didn’t help the ripening of the grapes (not curbed enough..??). The land and the grapes felt the storms of late August and they were very good use therefore beneficial for the growth of grapes.
It appears that the harvest of good quality. The weather was not too wet to causes problems such as botrytis, yet there is no reason for concern.

Wine growers and houses have agreed on an available yield of 10,500 kg per hectare and a maximum yield of 12,000 kilos per hectare to reflect the resumption of shipments of champagne at home and abroad. The first seven months of the year, shipments from the Champagne region again increased by 16%.


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