Spanish tapas are fun, easy to prepare, and always a crowd pleaser.. Specially when Mums and Toddlers Ladies are involved 🙂
The word “tapa” means “lid” in Spanish. It refers to the tradition, in centuries past, in hot and dusty Spanish inns and bars, to place a plate over the customer´s drink (usually a glass of wine ..of course), to keep out the flies.
Over time, innkeepers realized that if they placed salty food on the plate (that was, empty, over the glass..), the clients would drink more.
Guess what ?? Success!! The tapas was born and spread all over Spain.
Now a days in Spain, “tapas” refers to small portions (as opposed to “raciones” which are full plate portions) of savory Spanish cuisine.
Traditional tapas are based on cheeses, olives and various meat.
Veggie Tapas as well as elaborate ones made with all kinds of gourmet ingredients including foie gras, duck confit, and sea urchins (particularly in Madrid, San Sebastian and Barcelona).
Tapas are often placed on a slice of bread or in a little vol au vent .
And these ones on bread can be called called “Tostas” or “Pintxos” (an expression used often in Basque Country).
Build you tapas to eat with Cava (Spanish sparkling wine).. Or a red wine.. and have a nice evening.
After all it’s all about have fun and enjoy !


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