So.. Summer is coming to a close.. That’s no reason not to uncork a bottle of red wine for the coming weeks.
Late Summer and early fall can be a very good time for some heartier fare and richer wines.
Summer times makes us look for light wines, the falls calls for a bit deeper ones. When the days comes to an end earlier,  cool nights are a very good excuse for a red wine in a long big shining glass.

We are not in a sunny tropical paradise, so is not that easy to spring out of the bed each morning looking forward to how your day is going to unfold. We spend most of our time devoted to others needs, that’s why not rarely we forget what is that we love to do.. the things that make our spirit shine and renew our energy. Have you ever got your self thinking about it ?? Well, if your kids are too  small yet, you had no time to even realize you exist at all (I know, I’ve been there..). In spit of the house keeping, husband and kids to look after.. we all have a secret yearning to try something new.. a special talent buried underneath waiting to shine. All this raining days had washed my mind from the past and makes my wonder what in the future is waiting for me. The falls always reminds me If I don’t make my present days worth it I’ll never know.

Eventually the silence takes the house and I can have my ME moment. Looking around my luggage screaming to be unpacked, the cloths to be ironed.. wait a minute! That expensive facial cream is also waiting to be tried on so it can do all those miracles promised.. and.. What about that lovely book sitting on my shelf ??
No matter if you like a hot chocolate, a cup of tea, a bourbon or sparkling water.. take your time to be with yourself and praise that moment. We don’t need fine Champagne to feel Royalty.
I’d get myself a red wine Spanish from Bierzos DO (I just love Mencia grape) or an Italian from Tuscany (Montepulciano has great cost X benefit).
Fancy something new..?? Take that dark chocolate bite from the other day and open a New World Shiraz bottle of wine. Try a full body red wine from Australia with a strong dark Belgium Chocolate. You’ll be surprised by the full mouth of taste coming out of it, a truly autumn flavour.


what are you thinking? comment here..

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