Why Wine Blogs had change the wine world..??

“..It had bought a new world form all people wouldn’t have contact with wine information otherwise’, said Jeremy Parzen.

What a photo can tell about..?? Is the place, its walls, its figures..??

“You can present the truth itself with the image with the benefit of be invisible, to speak without words, not imposing yourself on it”, said Emily Troutman about storing telling by a photografer.

“Your new experience will resonate with others who share your lack of experience. If you become highly specialized you can loose contact with the outside world, and then you lost your audience.” _Said Evan Dawson.

Identity, the way that a photografer don’t need to be a part of the photo itself. The idea is to became last obvious at the moment.
How could you not be part of the history? Is quite impossible when you telling it by video because you always have one point of view, said Troutman.

The Blog explosion brings back that 18th sec thing to transport you where you cannot be, experience a new world experience with wines, said Parzen.

What defines a history from a simple report..??

.. Seek out special things around you that captures your attention.

“The story isn’t about you, is about your subject. Find the subject about the person you describe, look for little small details most people overlooked.” Said George Taber. “You got to be sure, you got to get all your facts rights. Takes lots, lots of time, to bring the history to life. Find yourself time to digest what you’ve head on yours interviews.”

The devil is in the details. You mess those up and you lose all credibility.

“Save toughest questions for the end, or risk shutting your subjects down before you even get started. The best history doesn’t come from the people in front of you but from the people around it. People won’t tell you about themselves, they will tell you about their success.” _Said George Taber

Excellent point on the time required to reflect on interviews before writing them up. Would love to know ‘How long?’

> Top Twitters:
* “It took an Englishman in 1974 to start the first wine school in Paris.” –Taber on Spurrier #ewbc #ewbc2011

* “bloggers are the hope of the wine industry as they are not in the pockets of the wine establishment” – George Taber #ewbc #ewbc2011



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