EWBC = European Wine Bloggers Conference

Is all what people bring to the Conference! The internet discussion, information shared not only during these days. Blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, with photos and videos online echos for unimaginable places far away from Europe. This rich mix of languages and culture, people with all sort of backgrounds and wines tasting make EWBC a unique event.

That micro “bloggersphere” (yes, I just made it up.. sounds right to me), discussing the culture of the wine, is fertile in so many ways. Any social network is only good as the people who you follow. It all added and some more subtle things make it a true community of creative and passionate people who loves, and share all about, wine.

“Let’s put together a bunch of crazy amatours wine bloggers was the 1st thoughts. Was a huge success.”_ Said Ryan Opaz, one of the triunvirato who created and organized the Conference. The 2nd year they doble it in size and they’ve been doing great so far. This is its 4th edition with more than 200 participants from 35 different countries. For 3 days, Franciacorta was “The Place” for Europeans Wine Bloggers ..and others corners of the globe as well.

The wines I tasted, what I saw, where I went, who I met.. all worth the lack of sleep 🙂  EWBC has the potential to bind you to the wine blogging world in a way that almost no other wine event ever has.

A troop of corkscrew wielding monkeys couldn’t keep me from attending the 2012 EWBC!! I’ll be there!


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