Hereby some spotlights on this wine region.


They used to speak a dilalect moire silimar to barbarian (old German), because was quite a ruff language the were forced to speak only in Italian or move out of the country. It was Mussolini time. Now most of the people speaks german as first language. In Bolsano 70% speaks German (with a peculiar local acent) as 1st language, near 10% speaks Italian and almost 1% Latin Romanesco. When you get into the Süd-Tirol area first you notice huge rock mountains, like a very big high wall by the road. Reaching the cities the German style houses, buildings ..and the non-italian drives in organized streets.

International grapes, specially the french ones, has been planted for almost a century now. Also germans varieties are wildely planted and still are very popular. Gewurztraminer shows its versatile styles and elegance here, has it’s own caracter.. It means spyce tramim, intence aromatic grape.

The viniyards are placed in high altitudes (from 200m up to 900m) and can revel various diferents microclimates. Most of them in a sustetable way, just one step away to get organic certification. That’s their chalenger for the next years.. get to produce organic (or biodynamic) wines to be certifield. They have quite a task to convence all the 22 members to join their goal. The small producers make their wines in a HighTech “cooperative winery”.


A state of the art complex of wine making, with high qualified specialists avaliable to help them achieve the high standarts levels of quality, among others incentives. The DOC regulations are back from the sixties and needs fews adjustments to reflect modern quality banchmark. High Quality is their mantra, in Alto Adige. The havest in Alto Adige is carefully handpicked on small basket, not to damage it’s grapes skins.

Alto Adige is a sunny place, over 300 dry days per year. Nice charming little hotels, good restaurants and a breath taken landscape on top of that, are what make this a beautiful place for visiting – pure leisure.

Theirs wines have high acidity levels, excellent flavors and freshness and that elegant minerality, present only in great wines.

More posts to come. Stay tuned for more Alto Adige !


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