are you in #Lisbon?
are you a #winelover ?

-> don’t miss the Adegga Summer Market 2012 !!
#swm2012 #wine

How to get there?
easy-> go to Hotel Florida today, ask for your glass and have fun 🙂

To know more go to

ps.. they all speak English there and most of them French and Italian as well. communication won’t be a problem with the “adegga-boys” 🙂

You now nothing about Wines from
Portugal? Never tried one?!?!
Ooh G’d… you need to grabe a glass and urgent taste some how lust can praise yours senses.



3 thoughts on “Are you in nearby Lisbon

  1. We make Wines Tours in the region of Setúbal, where you can find more than 250 wine producers. Palmela, Azeitão, among many other villages, are places of recognized wines worldwide, like José Maria da Fonseca, Bacalhôa, Ermelinda Freitas and many other brands.


  2. it is funny I am just like you too! We must be materialistic and slooahphic girls!xoxoCatitaPS: i must admit that a nicely packaged bottle is often also a great wine!


  3. Portugal is best known, of course, for Port, the fortified sweet red wine enjoyed mainly as an after-dinner drink, perhaps with cheese, more often with chocolate and, on occasion, with a good cigar. But in recent years the Douro region, where Port has been produced for centuries from dozens of indigenous red grape varieties, has been making strides as a producer of non-fortified wines.


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