The weather’s screwed up again.
Well, I live in The Lowerlands long enough not to be surprised with such a thing as the weather.
We all get excited with the Summer vacations_ it’s time to go back to our home land or travel around exploring new lands. Either expectation has the power to launch our mood to the happysphere.
No matter how crowed are the airports, the traffic jams on the roads, that long hours confined in less than one square meter with bored kids. We all want to scape to somewhere else but that endless laundry pile of ours. And “that” was exactly what I was thinking when we finaly got to the security line in Schipol. (sight!) I wish I have more money to grabe a couple of Champagne bottles to celebrate. Browsing the shelves was not difficult find one bottle that fit my very much stressed credit card.
But how to decide which bottle to buy?
What to get more for the money?
How sort one label over others without prejudice in taste?
All that bottles with big fancy brand labels can be quite intimidating.

There are 15 different sizes of Champagne bottles and many of the larger sized ones have biblical names. Magnun is found in most Wine Shops, is twice the size of an ordinary bottle.

The grades of Cru include Cru, Premier Cru and Grand Cru.
“Cru” refers to the grade or class of a French vineyard.
Grand Cru is the most esteemed class of vineyards from which the Champagne (or the wine) is.

Only Sparkling Wine from a delimited area in France is allowed to be labed as Champagne, not to mention all the production rules. There are many others Bubbles I love produced in different styles in vary other corners of the globe.

Sparkling Wine is all about surprises so why not try something new and a lesser known brand that may hold experiences far better than common labels.
Cava, Sekt, Asti, Prosecco just to name a few. They are very fresh and balanced enough to pai with sea food with mediterranea stlyled seasoned.

With so many different blends and flavour profiles, Champagne really can suit most occasions. Whether it is an aperitif, a light dish or stronger flavours, it is trully a culinary wine.
That’s how I like it best, with food!
Home made cheeseburger, Italian Pasta, Asian Fusion Cuisine or a warm stroopwafel could make you call me crazy. But it always provides great fun moving away from the traditional macht.

The first Champagne I tasted was a Yellow Label Brut, with French Fries (Pommes Frites).
I was hooked by those bubbles exhaling brioches and vanilla.
As the epitome of Veuve Clicquot style, Brut Yellow Label has an intense fragance, with notes of white fruits, vanila and brioche. A blend of fifty of the finest Crus in Champagne, Brut
Yellow Label is a perfect example of harmony between delicacy and power.

Not all Champagne have an expensive price tag but often the rareness, and the increase time to produce quality and the more expensive components of ‘the best’, does drive price too. And that’s a good reason to buy in a DutyFreeShop, don’t you think?

Thinking about a gift you have to give to someone who has everything?
Hereby a few fantastic small Champagne producers:
Tarlant Louis;
Jeaunaux-Robin les Grands Nots 2003;
Chartogne-Taillet les Barres;
Bereche et fils Vallee de la Marne Rive Gauche;
Laherte Freres les Empreintes 2007 Brut Nature

I hope you have a bubblying Summer!






2 thoughts on “Celebrating the Summer Vacations

  1. So, ten champagnes to taste is a lot. I took pages and pages of notes. And, I discovered that although I have a fairly decent palate for other wines, champagne is kinda hard for me.


    1. Champagne has all that glamour aura that makes everybody look for stars in each glass.. and very different styles as well.
      I do love Champagne, to be honest maybe a bit more then love would best suit it:) but once you find your style of Champagne you’ll enjoy it. Till that day, you can give up or try small producers and old vintages as well.. just in case 😉
      Anyhow.. there is no point to drink something you don’t like. Wine is something made for you to be happy with.. Simple as that..


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