Have you ever heard about Floriade..??
If you are not in the “Flowers Industry” neither are you Dutch.. You didn’t.. As I didn’t till this Spring. Is a expetacular “Flower Fair” for all senses.

20120907-013113.jpg. Guided by an old friend from Brazil, and a Florist as well, I had a great day,
I loved that place where the madethe Dinner Table a lovely garden. Beautiful and carefully arranged to suits the plates andtheglasses, that tablewas unbelieveble.


Note from the Blogger:
_ I had never been a gardner myself.
To be honest, I lived almost all my life in big urban city apartments.


People come from all over the World to visit Floriade, is very international and very Dutch at the same time. Everyone speaks English and French, but there is no hot meal for lunch. Oh yes, there is cold pizza and tosted bread.. But served cold 😦
When we finaly found a German Hotdog Kiosk, we were dreaming about wines.

Before you ask me.. yes! .. of couse I was sniffing all the flowers looking for “aromas from the wines”..


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