It’s morning time in Brazil (Well, at least that’s how we call the time before 12:00).
This is the place of warm friendly people (even in the early morning time but it does not apply to every single Brazilian).
The best coffee in the world is found here, in any cup of coffee from the ‘Padaria’ next door.
Am I supposedly happy, right??
Right, the coffee is the best one in a year.
That mug scared away all the good-mood-effects-of-exagerated-morning-caffeiine, with a big fat frog printed on it.
After drunk a bit the frog’s name came up – Sapo Cururu (bufo ictericus, is the scientific name of the criature).

WTF.. Is it too early or that ugly fat frog with a crocodile skin looking at me?
What is it trying to say..??
..that I’ll scare people away with lack of tropical-skin-tain and wine&food-body-shape combo in a swim suit?
..kiss me and I’ll be your charmming prince?
F*k the frog! I found my prince (well, not literally.. but.. anyhow..) and I won’t kiss a frog #ditto !!

The coffee was drunk an the Cururu Frog is still there. I can hear happy people outside by the sand enjpying the good weather. Who am I kidding, here in this part of Brazil is always good weather!

Walking by the sea in Brazil can damage any self confident woman’s proud. Trust me, there are gorgeous people here, I once was one of them 🙂
All I could think, with that Frog facing at me, was how am I could make myself disapear. I am not in the northern hemisphere.. you know.. is different :-/

I’ll make another coffee and all will be good.

Now the sky is brighter, blue and sunny.
I still can hear happy people outside. How could they? too early .. no it’s not! Shut up, danm Frog!
OMG, now am I crumpy and delusional as well?!?

The water need to boil.. I’m gonna put my swimsuit.

Once again I drunk the coffee from the Cururu Frog’s mug.
I feel good in my swimsuit.
What a beautiful warm weather.. who cares if have I a perfect body or not?(well.. I do but I’ll, from now on, pretend not to)

Loads of Sunblock were applied to my pale skin. OMG I look like I run out from a hospital after six months in a Intensive Care Unit :-/ People will be scare to death from this spooky image of mine.

I want to break this frog in 1458000 peaces.. dare it talk like that!?!
Shut up, Frog!
I’ll be happy today, no matter what you say to me. I don’t care what you think. That’s my 12:00 ‘s resolution for today!

Now I have to wash that mug.
Do I have to give that Frog a bath?
OMG.. I need more coffee..
F*k the Frog!




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