– a note from the consumers to small wineries

Luciana Braz talks with Andre Ribeirinho about how small wine business can grow. 

Fun and informative chat, putting the consumer first, be online and dealing with competition.

Why social media for wine business?

Do and Don’t for DTC (direct to consumer) marketing and sales for small wineries.

Why to sell wines on Social Media?

Instagram and Facebook can make your wine attractive to new consumers.

Why my small business needs to go online (now that the quarantine is over)?

Too innovative for the wine business?


Innovation in the wine business is much needed to engage with the younger generation.

This pandemic stay-at-home world wild order showed how much still needed to be done in the wine industry.

I was shocked to learn that only 3% of the wineries in California sell wines online.

I still can’t believe it writing now -> 3%!! <- How is that possible?

Maybe because in California most of the wines are sold via Wine Clubs or in the tasting rooms. Wine Tourism drive people to the tasting rooms, and there they sign for the wine club. 

The wine clubs in The US is the most used DTC business channel for small wineries. It’s driven by the tourist visiting the winery, convinced to sign for it. The problem is when people cancel it after a few months. That’s why there is always the need for new members to sign for it. 

Covid19 stopped this well-oiled engine, as traveling went to the ground literally. 

The 3% with e-commerce navigate a wonder sea during this pandemic time. 

Some went crazy with newsletters, jamming our mailboxes with disconnected messages. Annoying your costumers is a big, big mistake. Don’t overdo your newsletter, never!

The others went running to be on Facebook and Instagram, trying to connect with buyers out there. 

For the first time, most of them were surprised how their customers could amplifier their marketing efforts. With minimal investment, taking pictures and posting on Social Media, small business everywhere saw their sales going to the roof. 

And yet, some are talking about going back to the old fashion (before quarantine) way of doing business trying to attract tourist again to their tasting rooms and luring them to sign for the mailing list and wine clubs.

We shared great tips for small wine business to survive this covid19 pandemic quarantine.

We talked about it all. Ribeirinho and I had an interesting chat about this narrow business view.

Luciana Braz and Andre Ribeirinho have a strong tech background, deep knowledge of Social Media marketing strategies and both are passionate Port Wine Evangelists.

Luciana and Andre did a great job in translate the business shenanigans into down-to-earth plain language.

They both had been talking about wine business for more than 10 years, in public and in the wine trade.

They share the customer centric and innovative business mindset that made them well known in the international wine trade.

This chat was recorded from @WineTalkGroup , Live on Instagram, on 31Aug2020. 

Available on IGTV: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CEkInNWp13d/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Available the WineTalkGroup Channel on YouTube https://youtu.be/N-G57671wwI

To know more about what Andre Ribeirinho is up to, here.


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