Today is International Port Wine Day!! 🍷🎉
Happy Birthday to Douro DO !

264 years old today, Douro DO was born on 1756 September, 10th

Port Wine gave Douro Valley the greatest reputation in the XVIII century, to be the 1st wine region denomination of origin in the world. With regulations and demarcations by a official body – Companhia Geral de Agricultura da Vinhas do Alto Douro.

You will fall in love with Portugal.

Port and Douro Wine Institute take Sept, 10th as Port Wine Day.

And till this day, Port producers are on the edge of wine innovations. Keeping up with the local ancient traditions and thinking in the future with their native grapes.
Gotta #LovePort 🍷

This time of the year, Douro Valley Socalcos* are buzzing with the harvest. The Pisa**a traditional footing way of crushing the grapes in Lagares***. And the celebrations after finishing the hard work.

Is fantastic to see.. you must go there to see it all. Portugal has the most hospitable people and beautiful landscape. Not to mention the great yammy mouthwatering food and wine. You will fall in love with Portugal.

* Socalcos – terraces where the vines are planted in the Douro Valley. Carved centuries ago in the hills, it makes the Douro River landscape unique.

** Pisa- a traditional crushing the grapes by footing/stomp in the Lagares***. Often made in group of people singing and dancing happy Portugueses songs.

*** Lagares – ancient open big tanks used in Portugal for crush grapes (stomping it).

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