@frostluncheonette had a well crafted capuccino

Pecan with bourbon is always a good idea for the toast process.
This was new to me as a cake top, and it works!
Not too sweet, with subtle caramel notes and some vanilla aromas.

Bourbon Caramel Pecan Vanilla Cake,
from Fost Luncheonette.

What a shame they didn’t have any Sherry to pair with.
Yes, Jerez! It’d be perfect to elevate the pecan flavors. Amontillado can deal with the sweetness of the Caramel fudge and, yet be pleasant on palate.

I’d like to try pair it with Fino, with crispy bacon. And that ‘d be an indulgence for sure. And a perfect breakfask, when add coffee as dessert. Hahahahaha… I’ll try that next time.

Missing Amontillado

#bourbon #pecan #cake #sherry #winepairing #winetalk #amontillado #Jerez


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