Business Strategist, International Multi-language Speaker and International Wine Observer, #winelover. 

I Have great fun translating technology to business, and I’m comfortable merging both path, walking a unique professional career.
I’m Electrical Engineer, that fills the air gap between the Tech and Business word, committed to excellence- 100% customer centric.
I have extensive experience with multi-cultural projects with technology and engineering corporations. 
Comfortable creating in action, working with multi-level and multinationals professionals.
In 2003, paused my career as a personal strategic life decision, set myself a five years plan to be a top wine professional. 
And yes, I did! I reinvented myself to be an excellent International Wine Observer.
Since 2006, immersed in the Wine World. #winelover Ambassador and core member, helped found (2012) and build the biggest social media community in the wine business, #winelover. 
Highly experienced wine taster, wine educator, used to write monthly for expats publishing multimedia in The Netherlands. 
Built my name on customer experience driven wine workshops, wine&food-pairing and friendly knowledge sharing.
I’m an international social media wine influencer with a focal point in business and social media.
Built an impressive strong network of wine/champagne producers (including organic, natural and bio-dynamic), international press and wine bloggers. 
I’m known for spot new trends and recognize new opportunities. I’m able to see through the “fashionable” trends to the ones that last strong, often called as unique/singular innovative thinker. With exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, I’m comfortable talking in public, leading client presentations and meetings.
Not afraid to wear multiple hats.
I like people. I like talk to people.
I enjoy make a difference adding value to whatever I do.
I’m always curious.

3 thoughts on “Who is LuBraz..??

  1. Lu, adorei a tua ficha técnica, acho que vou pensar em me descrever assim também!! Beijos!!PS.: como boa mulher tu deve estar indo mesmo para um estilo Velho Mundo, talvez um dia uma expressão análoga a um bom Coulée de Serrant!!!


  2. Eu diria que já está perto de ser um Burgundy ou quem sabe um Chateau Lafitte… adorei a página, está muito bem feita. Eu normalmente guardo as etiquetas quando tomo o vinho em casa ou anoto se é em um restaurante, a idea da livreta está excelente. Parabéns.


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