Friday Brazilian Martini

After blind tasting Spirits, you make yourself a Martini.

Itā€™s a rule.. carved in stone.. ice rocks is my stone.. I just made it up.. rock is a piece of stone, right? So.. there you go!! šŸ˜

Here is my Martini this evening:
Aged CachaƧa SanhaƧu Amburana,
Rose and Cardamom soda unsweetened infusion,
Vermouth Padro&Co Blanco Reserva,
Vecchio Amaro del Capo,
Angustura drops.
Following the classic Martini procedures.

CachaƧa makes the Martini more rounded than Vodka. And thatā€™s a good thing.

SanhaƧu Amburana is organic high quality Brazilian Spirit, CachaƧa. Craftsmanship, ancient traditions, sustainability and innovation make SanhaƧu a unique CachaƧa producer. You canā€™t get any better than this one.

Rose and Cardamom infusion gives an undefined subtle flavors. It open up in layers beautifully with the Angustura help.

The Vermouth Padro & Co is as high quality as you get. Luxurious and elegant, makes you feel in a high end rooftop bar.

To know more: @sanhacu @vermouthpadro

Disclamer: this is NOT a paid post