After blind tasting Spirits, you make yourself a Martini.

It’s a rule.. carved in stone.. ice rocks is my stone.. I just made it up.. rock is a piece of stone, right? So.. there you go!! 😝

Here is my Martini this evening:
Aged Cachaça Sanhaçu Amburana,
Rose and Cardamom soda unsweetened infusion,
Vermouth Padro&Co Blanco Reserva,
Vecchio Amaro del Capo,
Angustura drops.
Following the classic Martini procedures.

Cachaça makes the Martini more rounded than Vodka. And that’s a good thing.

Sanhaçu Amburana is organic high quality Brazilian Spirit, Cachaça. Craftsmanship, ancient traditions, sustainability and innovation make Sanhaçu a unique Cachaça producer. You can’t get any better than this one.

Rose and Cardamom infusion gives an undefined subtle flavors. It open up in layers beautifully with the Angustura help.

The Vermouth Padro & Co is as high quality as you get. Luxurious and elegant, makes you feel in a high end rooftop bar.

To know more: @sanhacu @vermouthpadro

Disclamer: this is NOT a paid post


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