I must say that I am not a great expert on wines

Casually taste a wine, like taking old acquaintances.

I must say that I do prefer some peculiar eating habits and characteristic: slowfood.

As Grandmother as Granddaughter, Father would say.

I enjoy set the table with care, fine cutlery, glasses and traditional service.

I like food prepared with love, attention and affection.

I smell before trying anything, finding aromas everywhere.

Eat slowly.. slowly.. of course.

I love dinning with pleasant conversation.

I can not bear to eat while in bad-mood.

Business? .. only after the second cup of coffee.

Call it boring, I don’t  care ,  I’ll take it as a compliment.

Taste something that surprises me, bring something unexpected, turns me on.

Finding a scent glad awake the senses.

And when it comes to wine, anything can happen.

An unpretentious white can bring me joy and uplift the soul.

It is how I feel:  soul weightless, light .. and..

.. taken by memories with  Sauterne’s aromas.

I remember, a long time ago, some of those lunch without special reasons.

Music,  family chat, few news of distant relatives, funny old stories.

There was a warmth in every thing, a focus on looks, joy in sharing.

Something easy to understand for those who were children at the time.

Brain stained, unforgettable Aromas.

I felt them today and made me sit back on that table talking with my grandmother,

not used to drink Sauternes .. but Port.

Endless conversations , eclectic, cultured, literary and very pleasant.

English black tea,  homemade brownie and her laughter only ..

was what came to mind when the Sauterne came to my nose.

There was no more to say,

only the memories flooding the soul, cheering me.

!! ..happiness, was it!

After a while, got a smile on my face and longing.

It’s no the edge,  but the distance that prevents me from sitting at the table and live again the pleasure of a lovely company.

Since I believe that over time shortens distances,

I calm expect to see her soon and enjoy more evenings and talks.

Maybe one day another flavor refers to such happy memories.

For these and other wine that nourishes the spirit, proost!



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