Have you ever try to find some sort of especial wine..??

You know, that kind of thing that get stuck in your mind and never goes away..

.. well, I did  🙂

Most of the time we don’t really believe in wine-search-websites-tools..

.. so didn’t I  ..

.. till I got this message last week (April, 15th, 2010!!):


On 14-Apr-2008 you registered with us at Wine-Searcher to be

notified when the following wine comes onto our lists:

Wine name:     Cheval Blanc

Vintage:       1970

Location:      Brazil

Search for:    Any matching wine

Although we’ve tried for two years to find a match, we’ve not been able

to come up with a listing for you.  We’re sorry not to have been able

to help but as the request is now over two years old we will no longer

continue the search.

If you still wish us to continue looking for this wine please use this

URL to re-submit the “Email Alert” request.





Isn’t that unbeleiveble.. ??!!??

Do I need to say I’ve got all the search renewed..??



what are you thinking? comment here..

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