What happens when I don’t sleep at night..??  ..you go for crap TV and drinks..?? ..I don’t.. I mean I don’t pour wine for the insomnia just stick with the music at TV for company.   The other night I bump at New York music history documentary-kinf-of-show at BB4. Thank G’d, It was my lucky night !! I just needed to find a good wine to pair with. Something strong enough to hold the music bit, sexy enough to feel the ’70s atmosphere and  good enough to make me happy. I went for my primary guess: Nero D’Avola from Sicily, Italy. The intense aromas and strong flavors gave the atmosphere I was looking for. The spicy finishing was more then something to be perfect with John Cale performing Dying On The Vine (Dec 85) at 4am. What was I thinking..??  Nothing, just feeling the music germinated from The Fabric and happy with The Stroke 🙂

Once Upon a Time in New York (Whistle Test – 1978, 1985) is a documentary produced by BBC4 . It is a must learn for DJs learn their roots. Is a peace of TV Show to tell how the squalid street of ’70s Nwe York gave birth to music that conquered the world- punk , disco and hip hop – inspired by the Velvet Underground, loft parties and the Bronx.

Despite their penchant for make up and high heels the New York Dolls were credit with inventing punk rock. Before discovering the Sex Pistols, punk svengali Malcom McLaren managed the Dolls. The president of the  Dolls fan Club in Britain was none other than .. Morrissey.

Before becoming a rock ‘n’roller, Patti Smith worked in a factory, busked in Paris and wrote poetry. In 1975, the Patti Smith Group released their debut album Horses. It was produced by former Velvet Underground member John Cale. Patti Smith dated Tom Verlaine, lead singer of seminal New York band, Television.

Talking Heads initially called themselves The Artistics. They were also jokingly known as The Autistics. In 1974 the band made their live debut opening for the Ramones at the legendary CBGB Club. When writing Psycho Killer David Byrne said he imagined Alice Cooper doing a Randy Newman-type ballad !?!  .. The Bass Guy in Talking Heads band (in Psycho Killer) look like a glass of wine which had been hit by sound waves, bouncing by the music notes in harmony.

Tom Verlaine started out as a poet writing with his school pal Richard Hell under the nom de plume “Theresa Stern”. Thankful, he pair of teenage Bohemians ditched poetry in flavour of rock’n’roll and formed Television in 1974.  In June 1974 the First press review of Television appeared in the Soho Weekly News. It was written by a certain Patti Smith…

The Ramones grew up in Queens and were drawn together bu a mutual love of The New York Dolls. Despite their physical resemblance Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee and Marky were not related.  The band were named after Paul Ramon- a pseudonym used by Paul McCartney when checking into hotels.

Those who cite Blondie as an influence include Madonna, Shirley Manson, R.E.M., Gwen Stefani and Courtney Love.  Before forming Blondie in 1975, guitarist Chris Stein and vocalist Deborah Harry played in a band called the Stilettos.  Of all bands formed at CBGB, Blondie had the most success.

Before launching his solo career Lou Reed was lead singer of the Velvet Underground. Waiting for the Man was originally released as part of the Velvet Undergrounds’ eponymous debut album.  Artists who have covered this song included David Bowie, OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark), Vanessa Paradis and Slaughter & The Dogs.

John Cale originally came to New York to study avant-garde composition with La Monte Young.  In 1965 he met Lou Reed and formed the Velvet Underground before leaving in 1968 to go solo.  He has produced important recordings by The Stooges, Nico, Patti Smith, The Modern Lovers and Squeeze.

Because The Night was a result of a collaboration with Bruce Springsteen. It is Patto’s biggest hit to date and reached number 13 on the US hot 100 in 1978.  She is due to be included in to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame later this month.

As Patti Smith was sing Because the Night with the big close up her mustache I realize how import is to pair the wine with the atmosphere and ambience. Some Spanish Wines has this power to suit well when you need some smooth for the endless insomnia. Nero D’Avola has it all and is, so far, the best mate on “alternative universe” for  Tempranillo wines.

Take a Walk on The Wide Side..


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