#EWBC auditorium (photo by Andre Ribeirinho, http://www.Adegga.com)

This week an interesting phenomena could be seen in Social Media, some sort of Wine Bloggers Convergence towards one specific place on Europe. Well, kind of…
Look like a bunch of creatures from the four corners of the Globe with bottles of wine in their luggage and all sort of electronics gadgets. They populate Social Media with smiling faces on their way to four days involving, long flights and lack of sleep. Not to mention all the wines most wine geeks never heard about.

Bloggers are always thinking out of their bubble

I’m talking about the EWBC that stands for European Wine Blogger Conference, but is much more than this. No, is not a wine trade fair although it can somehow formants business. No, is not European only because 40 nationalities are present there. No, is not just about wine as food is a key component. No, is not really a Conference itself with its Pre-Trips and Pos-Trips. Is something else!
It started four or five years ago (this is my version of it, you can find the “official” version on EWBC website) when a few wine geeks/bloggers decided get together. Since then a network of winelovers has been built online in a friendly atmosphere, with other informal meetings in between. Good vibe and sense of humor mixed with different cultural backgrounds makes EWBC what it is.

Why would I bother travel half a day to meet people I can talk online? Not to taste another oaked Chardonnay, that’s for sure!
This may show your love for wines and your guts to discovery the roots.

Bloggers – HighTech and Wine

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