Information is not just an abstraction of something.

1st Blog ever -> Message in a bottle

Actually information is carried by something, so is encoded in something.. A stone, a book, a CD, whatever is a carrier, whatever is on.

What makes information so powerful is the fact that it can be stored in any physical system we choose. From using stones and clays, to allowing information to be preserved over ions, to using electricity and light to send it quickly, the media stores info gives it unique properties.

A powerful idea, the ramble bit*.

I agree with Dr Doron Swade, Computer Historian, in an interview on BBC about the origin of the Binary Code**:
_”The smallest quantity of information is highly significant because is the fundamental part of info, which with any sufficient discrimination wouldn’t communicate at all.”

The abstract idea of info is now tangible and can quickly be transmitted.

Even the most insignificant blog can irradiate an spectacular amount of information. Specially when the blogger tries to describe the wine, taking place all the intriguing aspects of the time, the place, the people..
Every aspect of a wine can be thought of a blanc canvas which we could use to build beautiful stories and color with passion.

And there the wineries only see the fraction of the complexity of the information and its path, as a chain reaction.

* bit => fundamental unit of information
** Binary Code -> storage system of information



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