Abbey Road Farm started in the 60’s as a horse training facility. Today it’s used for events (up to 700 guests), along with the B&B built in 2003.

In 2017 the winery was built for winemakers produce smaller varieties and all they want to try. Today they have 4 winemakers working in there. Also, they have farm animals and alpacas. Guests house built out of silos, tool shed adapted for visitors and the little charming details that makes one place unique.

The wines served in the lunch

It’s just perfect for weddings or any happy party.Abbey Road Farm has a beautiful beautiful landscape, in more than 80 acres of land. The vineyards, the well craft buildings and the friendly hospitality. The first class food, french cuisine with an Oregonian twist. All combine to a really pleasant experience for spend a day or for a big event. I’ll be back for sure!

William Preisch, the chef at Abby Road Farm, cook for us a beautiful 5 course lunch with wine pairing.

The Lunch Menu, cooked by chef at Abby Road Farm – William Preisch

The meal had a french accent but was down to earth. Sophisticated layer of flavors took me by surprise. Maybe because I wasn’t in an urban center, but in a country side winery in Oregon.

I felt somewhat in a European country restaurant, but not really. Interesting in a good way, in a intriguing way. And a very much American experience indeed. And that’s good as well.

It was one of those meals you get excited and interested in the next course.

What a nice surprise this lunch was!

Here are the dishes & wines served:

1- Clam, potato, chive, bay, dill, whey, mussel, escabeche, fennel, marigold.

Beautiful combination. The saltiness of the clams with the (well balanced with perfect acidity) demi-sec carbonated Pinot Gris was perfect. Retail price at the winery is only $29.

Paired with 2020 Abbey Road Farm demi-sec Sparkling Pinot Gris, (carbonated as Prosecco).

2- Spot prawn, aguachile, pink peppercorn, sansho, pineapple weeed, finger lime, tomato, cucumber, ground cherry.

Paired with 2019 Abbey Road Farm, Terry Vineyard Chardonnay.10% of new French oak ageing. Crispy, lemon notes, fresh and light like a summer breeze.

A symphony in your palate for the prawns to be a star.

But I’d pair it with the demi-sec sparkling Pinot Gris better. All the little mouth pop-ups pleasant surprises from this dish are delightful.

3- Miso cod, black olive, summer squash, bouillabaisse sauce.

Pair with 2019 Statera Cellars Chardonnay.

All neutral French oak. New world styled, well balanced with beautiful citrus notes and long pleasant finishing.

The cod fish and its sauce highlighted the creamy sauce. That combination made the Chard show some spicy notes.

What a nice surprise it is.

4- Duck, beets, carrots, chanterelles, liver sauce.

Pair with 2019 Abbey Road Farm- Carton Hill Vineyard Pinot Noir.

This Pinot Noir was a perfect pairing with the duck. Even with the mustard sauce! The combination bust layers of flavors from each component of the disk.

It all built up to a pleasant experience.

5- Lees ice cream, gelee, green grapes.Pair with 2020 James Rahn- Anne Amie Vineyard Riesling.

Yes, you read right, lees ice cream. And, it was delicious! The bitter jelly underneath and the frozen grapes gave the lees ice cream the complexity of a great dessert.

Unexpected dessert with a well thought wine pairing. Just the perfect combination of flavors to burst a festive palate.

This winery visit, was part of the Wine Media Conference 2021 program. This lunch was offered by Abbey Road Farm to our Post-Conference Day Trip.

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