Tiger Vines Vineyards is a unique High School Vineyard, Located In Yamhill, Oregon.

Yes, students farming wine grapes and winemaking.

How cool is that! Growing its next generation of viticulturalists.

Yamhill-Carlton High Schooll Vineyard covers about an acre. Agriculture students help with trimming vines, testing soil and pruning and harvesting grapes.

The custom-made Pinot Noir is called Tiger Vines Wine, in honor of the Yamhill-Carlton High School mascot.

The school’s vineyard typically produces 120 cases of wine each year.

Tiger Vines is a volunteer run, non-profit corporation formed to allow the sale of their product. They contribute 100% of the profits back to Yamhill-Carlton High School viticulture program.

80 students per class (it’s a 3years high school) learn the pruning, they help harvest and take the grapes to the winery. They also get to creat the labels of the wines, wax it and all. That’s pretty fun!

Students learn agriculture, production, marketing, business.

The AVA and the local companies donate all they need. So the students don’t need to pay to have this classes. Bridging the gap between the community and the wine industry, with a high value agricultural program.

That unique pairing of local vineyard leaders and students results in an amazing viticulture experience and very good wines.

A local winemaker helps the program turn the fruits of their labor into a quality wine that is marketed to local consumers and restaurants. The funds ensure the continued self-sustainability of the program.

Ken Wright Cellars and Chemekata Community College are the main sponsors of this amazing opportunity for these students.

Ken Wright ‘s masterclass

I’m not sure if there is another high school vineyard in the US. But this looks unique to me!

The wines are also available in their website www.tigervineswine.com Retail prices are $30 for the Pinot Noir and $25 for the Rose.

The Yamhill-Carlton High School ‘s wines are good quality. Better than tons of Pinots out there, for sure!

I visited Tiger Vines Vineyard and Ken Wright Cellars as part of the Wine Media Conference Post-Conference agenda.

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