Wayne Young have this great wine Podcast, La Taverna Friuli. Yesterday he had on Matteo Bellotto. I was there, on Clubhouse, where Wayne open a room to broadcast his interview and graciously let us make questions.

Here are some of my note from this interview:

“Every wine have its accent. It tells you where it came from and speaks about its territoriality.” Said Matteo Bellotto, and it stayed with me.

If wine has no accent we’re talking about just beverage. Friulano is a grape reader from the land. It can tell everything from the place it came from.

Nature is complex. We’re complex.

A unique initiative in Italy, for its data and knowledge sharing. The Tasting Academy has all data, how old the vines are, rain fall levels, terrain, etc, of all the 3200 vineyards in Colli Orientali di Friuli. Yes, they have it all!

The Tasting Academy was tailored for wine professionals. It’s not a course, it’s a place. Nowadays, people are coming from all over the world to learn about Friuli Wines. It’s open to everybody! From beginners to high-level professionals, they tailored the tasting experience for each level, open every day by reservation.

The Tasting Academy, is located in the Villa Nachini Cabassi in Corno di Rosazzo.

The goal is that the Tasting Academy becomes an opportunity to make restaurateurs, winemakers, sommeliers, journalists and winelovers become the ambassadors of the Colli Orientali del Friuli.

The next big step is to open a tasting room in Udine with 100 wines from Friuli. And then spread it around the world. So people can taste and buy Friuli wines.

“It’s important for Friuli for choose its path and stick with its style. As a general style it needs to pick an ideia, a style. Right now, Friuli is in the right moment to choose its path. Step up their self-confidence game and just do that. Be hungry. Be out there”, Say Matteo.

What makes Friuli great was this period after WWII, when they had to rebuilt everything from scratch. The next generation had to do nothing. They didn’t had any hungry to grow. Now they have a global competition. They have to go beyond their own labels, work their territory world wild.
“First they had to make a living.Second, they had to built a brand.Now, they must built a sense of place, a territory world wild.”

The Tasting Academy main strength is be capable of transforming promotion into a resource for everyone by sharing the knowledge and professionalism of the Friuli Colli Orientali Doc and the Consortium.

“Wine is just about keep us together.”

@belteos and @waynegrape were on @clubhouse talking about Friuli Wines and his Tasting Academy in Corno di Rosazzo @storiedivinofriuli


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