I was there, on the very first Prokupac Day, in Serbia a few years ago.
It was great!! 🍷🎉

Prokupac Day is an example of success story on the global wine scene. It shows how small countries should put their wine industry into focus.

Prokupac is the flagship grape of Serbia.

Delicious Prokupac

Prokupac gives you everything you want in a red wine.
It’s often delicious indeed.

I like to call Tomislav Ivanovic, from Vinopedia, Mr Prokupac. Yes, Mr Prokupac, because he is the Social Media power engine that propelled it to us all.

Tomi put together a group of Social Media influencers in wine, based on the #winelover Facebook Group.
He took us to visit producers in the heart of Serbia vineyards.

We went on a private tour to Sopoćani monastery and to Župa (90 km from Belgrade), the most important wine region for Prokupac. The trip included visit to old vineyards with more than 100 years old vines of Prokupac, lunch and comprehensive tasting of Župa wines from the most important producers of the region.

We tasted great wines and met fantastic producers. Not to mention the landscape and the food.

Serbia is a good destination for any winelover. It worth the trip and you get great wine for you money.
Delicious Prokupac!

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