One thing must of us, sooner or later, get lost is order a bottle of wine in nice Restaurant.
The wine list is the size of a novel. Hundreds of different varieties an offer. All over priced and over rated, which is enough to scared Husbands all over the world and drive him to lost their point.

Is very easy to go with I’ll have red house wine. You can always look at the wine menu and make some noises: oh! or aanh.. Yes people can  sound like knowledge noises and make up inventive snob faces as well. And  finally say : hmm that’s interesting . And then go for the one that’s not the quite cheap but the second cheapest one. That’s how people choose wine mostly.

The hole wine thing, if you want to play the game, is nonsense. Don’t get me wrong. There is someone, kind of wine waiter, to help you out_ the Sommellier. My husband would say his job is to bring us the most expensive wines. Well, he knows the food flavours and the wine list, why not ask him? Don’t be shy, tell him how much you’re planning spend in wines. If you don’t, then don’t blame on him for the bill.

With wines the tasting routine seams to be a pointless Theater for which only men qualify. There is such a thing, there comes the Sommellier and always bring the wine to Sir. And Sir knows nothing about the wine. When Sir is at home, Sir gets a cold beer. And then comes to your mind that all the wine at home was bought by the Lady on the table, not Sir. Oh boy.. why always bring the wine to Mr Sir  to taste it ? Is up to Sir make nobody knows that fact, he thinks. Why don’t Sir let somebody else choose the wine? and then.. You end up with some wine you don’t like, thinking with this wasted money you could have that beautiful fancy shoes and not this painful bargain one. Fill up the glass again and smile.. he is yours beloved sweet Sir, no matter what wine he pick from the menu, that’s what love is about.

Most of the time sir choose a young wine, and rarely some problem comes up with it. Some times the wine is corked (sorry is a wine geek term) and you may not be sure what is it. Maybe a bit of cork floating in the glass..?? It’s all a big mystery for mortals like us. We never have a big fat jolly fallow who drink for a living and can explain the issue involving wine. And I can tell you if the cork isn’t black nasty and smelly, your wine is safe. Trust me, when the wine is corked you will notice, is really so obvious on smell, it stinks badly and strong.

Find a bottle of wine could be a very tricky area, if you stress trying do the right choice. Don’t loose yourself in all that acquaintance wine info you easy find online. Taste, sip, spit and try. Find something you like or try to tell (to the Sommellier or the sales guy) something about your way of life, neither is easy nowadays. When you sip something you love, that’s it!  Nothing more. You found it! Take note (write down at the moment) the name of the wine (or the grape), the producer or the Country where it came from. It’s all you need to be happy when comes to wine matters in a fine restaurant. After all, there is no point be stressed in an attempt to relax


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